Sonos iPad Controller App Now Available

Early this summer, Sonos announced they’d expand upon their success with the iOS Sonos Controller by bring the experience to the Apple iPad.  Now, the free Sonos iPad Controller app is ready and I was lucky enough to give the new app a quick try this morning with my Sonos System.

The updated Sonos Controller UI was built specifically for the iPad to sensibly utilize the extra screen real estate. Using the controller you can view your zones, your music and what songs are playing – all at once.  All screens work in landscape or portrait mode. Searching for an artist and music with the virtual keyboard works well and browsing through your music collection and the online music choices is simple much like the iPhone and iPod Touch app before it.  You can also browse, search and drag and drop to create your playlist on the fly. Get a complete view of what’s playing in every zone, complete with full-color album art, elapsed time of a song, and more. Group your zones together or play different songs in different rooms – without interrupting music playback.

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3 thoughts on “Sonos iPad Controller App Now Available”

  1. this over priced company will be on its last legs soon when apple releases airplay and other manufacturers take advantage of the standard.

  2. Possibly Al. But I doubt it. Apple pretty much sucks at it’s own implementations of software – iTunes is a case in point. Sonos is definitely expensive, but it’s the best solution available in my opinion.

  3. Yeah… not cheap, but as of today it’s the best for many. Having said that, AirPlay looks real promising. However, I wonder how inexpensive a networked speaker array will run. We’re probably in the $200 range is my guess.

    If Sonos gets Slacker and XM Radio going in a timely fashion, I’ll pick up more S5s. If not, AirPlay with some other networked speakers will probably handle my audio needs (as we have two iPhones in our household).. assuming those apps are supported.

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