D-Link Doubles Down On The Connected Home (Hub)

Not content preparing a smattering of sensors and the latest Staples Connect hardware, D-Link is set to unveil their very own “Connected Home Hub” — probably a mere ten days from now at CES. Details on the short cylindrical job that just passed through the FCC:

The DCH-G020 is a Connected Home Z-Wave Gateway used to control a variety of Z-wave home sensors for the application of home automation. It is able to talk to variety of Z-Wave sensors and communicate with other DLink connected Home devices.

Beyond Z-Wave communication and the apparent Ethernet ports, this Connected Home Hub also features 802.11b/g/n. On the software front, D-Link’s associated Dlink app updates will include the requisite scheduling and notifications… along with an interesting QR code scanner to (perhaps) more efficiently add new hardware.

We fully anticipate the connected home to blow up (not literally) in 2015 and it’ll be interesting to see which approaches and companies resonate with us consumers. All I know is, while I want a high tech home, I’m not at all interested in troubleshooting a light bulb.

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  1. Looks like two models… the Connected Home Hub (DCH-G020) and the Smart Home Hub (DCH-G020X). Connected’s base is black, while Smart is grey. Not sure what else differs yet.

  2. It’s interesting to see them coming out with their own product here, though I’m not too sure how excited I am about a home controller limited to IP and Z-Wave control. I’ll also be very curious to see how they do with the software. Now when are we going to see the hob control integrated into an actual home router? Wouldn’t that make much more sense?

  3. There’s probably a few ways to get Zigbee and Z-wave into the home without another Hub or replacing one’s router. The Nest comes to mind as does an update to the Logitech Harmony Hub… which is a hub, but not that kind of hub… until it is. :) Or what about in a set-top? Looks like DISH is ready to do something in this space. And I did get my hands on the new FiOS Gateway – it has Z-wave built-in, but it’s dormant. For now.

  4. “We fully anticipate the connected home to blow up (not literally) in 2015”

    A touching amount of faith in an immature and buggy technology.

    Literally blowing up houses is the kind of disruption and thinkfluencing that the connected home really needs to catch fire in 2015. It’s Uber for uncontrolled home demolition.

  5. This reminds me that I need to get the rest of the Z-Wave light switches I purchased installed. Although my Alarm system has a module to control them I’m wondering if I could add another control module and use both devices for control if I wanted. I haven’t really researched it.

  6. 2015 comes in with the predicted blast. Literally over 4,000 connected homes have already blown up today.

    Luckily, the homes’ networked cameras have been automatedly capturing and uploading the footage. Google, (for obvious reasons), is immediately deleting the automated posts on YouTube, but you can watch them all via updog.

  7. I mean, haven’t folks watched the recent David Fincher documentary on this topic? The connected homes always blow up, and then the occupants have to move to a dilapidated ruin and make soap out of liposuction waste…

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