D-Link To Launch Z-Wave Motion, Door, Window Sensors

dlink-window-sensorBy way of the FCC (1, 2), we learn D-Link intends to expand its range of home monitoring products beyond WiFi and into the realm of Z-Wave with a pair of new CR123A-powered environmental sensors. From the product manuals:

The sensor DCH-Z110/Z120 have PIR or door/window integrated with, temperature and illumination, which are 3 sensors function in one, based on Z-Wave technology.

Beyond that arcane product labeling, these will also be known as the myllink Z-Wave Motion Sensor and the mydlink Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor. We can’t say we’re entirely surprised to see D-Link go further down the smart home path, given their collaboration with Zonoff to produce the new Staples Connect hub – which communicates via WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee… and, of course, Z-Wave.

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  1. I just ordered a new alarm system that includes a Z-Wave module. I hadn’t really looked closely at any Z-Wave products since that wasn’t what i was getting the new alarm system for. My old one just started having issues after fourteen years, so I figured i would get something more modern that has true internet monitoring. I guess I should look closer at the Z-Wave products too.

  2. So some clever Googling by Adam has turned up a ton more D-Link Z-Wave and WiFi modules:



  3. “Actually, I found it using DuckDuckGo”

    DuckDuckGo? What do you have to hide, Adam? I’m reporting you to the NSA, your XKeyscore number will shoot through the roof, and the next time you try to board an airplane, you’ll find yourself landing at Guantanamo.

    See something, say something! Keep Murica safe from Ebola infested ISIS members streaming across the Canadian border with their default https, unlogged search engines!

    (And, hey Dave, I know this is a pretty non-sensitive blog, but if you can ever get your ad networks to integrate, you ought to flip the switch on default https for ZNF. It’s not just government spying; it’s also the sheer outrageousness of wireless and wireline ISP’s injecting code and ‘super-cookies’ on top of the pages you serve…)

  4. The challenge wouldn’t be the advertisers, it’d mostly be my host. I checked in over the summer with my former host after Google mentioned they’d factor ssl into rankings – sadly, Pressable required $125/yr for the cert and an extra $10/mo to run it. Didn’t make sense at that cost. Not sure what my current options are, but I’ll keep it on the back burner for potential inclusion if the effort and math make sense. Then again, maybe your point is the little ad units would still flow however/wherever they flow – I’m too small potatoes to force them/that over my ssl. I’ll take my little scraps and be happy with them.

  5. “I’ll keep it on the back burner for potential inclusion if the effort and math make sense.”

    Good plan. Only you should determine what gets served to your users.

    “I checked in over the summer with my former host after Google mentioned they’d factor ssl into rankings”

    Best thing Google has ever done. The whole web should be SSL, and Google using their market power to nudge folks in that direction is most excellent. Have never been able to determine if they have an ulterior motive for doing so or not, but regardless, I do applaud that move.

  6. I think WordPress.com sites actually all went https. But my customization and monetization options are seriously reduced by going native vs self hosting. On the flip side, my costs and hosting headaches are also reduced. It sometimes occurs to me…

  7. I like this Z-wave stuff. I set up my Alarm system last week which can control the Z-Wave devices. I just got a few light switches for now. But I can set them to come on when I enter the home or turn off when I leave. And I guess I should be able to set schedules for them to turn on and off too when I’m not at home. BAck in the 90’s I used the X10 stuff with a bunch of lights when I was on travel and those worked well. The Z-Wave stuff seems to be more versatile. Plus the touchscreen of my Alarm system makes it easy for setting up control of the Z-wave modules.

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