D-Link Preps Wireless Motion Detector


As the story goes, D-Link demonstrated a variety of home automation products under NDA at CES. While we weren’t privy to those talks, all sorts of goodies have starting springing up on government and publisher product databases as the company attempts to one up Belkin’s WeMo line. And next in line for its close up is the diminutive WiFi Motion Sensor (SDH-S150) shown above. The 802.11b/g/n device works in conjunction with the upcoming D-Link Smart Plug and is controlled via smartphone app – also revealed a bit prematurely. The idea is motion detection would be linked to whatever lamp, fan, or other gadget is drawing power from D-Link’s smart plug, or simply fire off motion push notification to one’s mobile. However, we’re currently evaluating the agnostic Staples Connect home automation hub, and are hopeful an inexpensive D-Link motion sensor could be leveraged to trigger say my new collection of Philips Hue lighting.

1 thought on “D-Link Preps Wireless Motion Detector”

  1. Nice to see continuing (mild) innovation in this space. Honestly though if they don’t have an integrated home play where these things can be combined with other things to perform actions (I’m home, keep the heat on, don’t turn the lights off automatically) then I don’t see how useful something like this is.

    I’d also have to ask the obvious question about any internet of things products like this. Given the number of security breaches in home routers and various internet of things products (like the WeMo’s, or that fun backdoor in D-Link routers, or that D-Link IP Camera security flaw or …) can anybody actually afford to install something like this? Something that would tell a potential intruder whether you are home or not?


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