Echostar Unveils “Sage” Home Automation (and a doorbell)


After a several years of TV-centric home automation tech demos at CES, Echostar got serious and recently unveiled “Sage” – their “secure” take on the space and presumably targeted to siblings partners like DISH and overseas providers, versus selling direct to consumers à la Staples Connect or Smarthings.

From the Rethink Technology Research newsletter:

EchoStar is planning on expanding its set top range firmly into the smart home with the new Sage home controller and device ecosystem. […] The box itself contains ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi radios. […] With a single push the UI would pop up onto the screen and shrink the TV picture into the top right quarter. […] The back end architecture is all based on the existing Sling infrastructure that EchoStar already has in place, and there are plans to add the Sage tag to other Dish products.

Beyond their HDMI-out hub and third party device support, Echostar just passed their own wireless doorbell, light switch module and home automation dongle through the FCC.

4 thoughts on “Echostar Unveils “Sage” Home Automation (and a doorbell)”

  1. Echostar’s PR firm reached out to communicate that they do intend to also make this available direct to consumer via retail. I’ve asked for detail on timing, distribution channels, cost, etc. Should I learn more, I’ll update the post or pen another.

  2. This really does seem a likely thing, home automation integrated or using your TV’s at the control center, to catch on. I hope this news answers those TiVo users who were somewhat critical of TiVo’s move to support home automation, or just “didn’t get it” as far as TiVo getting into the Home Automation act.

    I find being able to see who is a knockin’ at my door and monitoring a few well-placed cameras from my HDTV’s to be a natural and welcome feature of MVPD’s STB’s and whole home DVR’s. I have found others–non techies–who find such a feature very compelling and they get more excited about such an idea than compared with 3D or 4K.

    Dish has had a Control 4 button in its Hoppers for the Home Automation/Surveillance for quite some time and is virtually near use. I truly hope that Hoppers can get in the Sage universe as well. I’m glad to see the tech and equipment for this arena to be getting better, smaller, and cheaper. I’m just waiting for the right system, and for it to be compatible to the MVPD I have and for it to be cheap enough. I think this tech will gain more traction.

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