Dave’s Refurb Kindle 2 Unboxed

Back in the day, I was what you’d call a voracious reader. Actually, I still am. However, my medium and content selection has massively shifted over the years from print novels to digital non-fiction. And I probably average only half a dozen books a year at this point. So I’m an obvious late adopter to the eBook reader market. At $259, the Kindle didn’t much interest me. Especially since the iPhone Kindle app launched. Yeah, the 3.5″ screen has been a bit tight but it works well enough. But I’m coming fromĀ  Dell Axim and Microsoft reader (when I used to commute via subway and before the blog existed).

Anyhow, it appears $150ish is my sweet spot. I was prepared to pick up the dual screen WiFi-only Nook when introduced at $150 last week. But Amazon quickly countered by lowering the price of the 3G Kindle to $189. And a day later, their refurbished units showed up even lower. I grabbed the US-only Kindle 2 refurb for a mere $140.

It’s pretty cool how the Kindle comes pre-linked to my Amazon account. In fact, my previous “book” purchases were all available. Although somewhat hidden in an archive folder – until I synced a few over. The “experimental” web browsing experience is pretty weak, but that’s expected and not why I purchased the Kindle. But I do intend to test a bit more, pulling RSS feeds directly and trying some mobile email clients. And as far as initial periodical subscriptions go, I grabbed PC Magazine ($1.49/mo) andĀ  of course ZNF (at $.99/mo – not cool). But in the end, I may just end up using Instapaper to send interesting web-sourced content my way.

Some have asked what sort of condition refurb Kindles arrive in. Hence the photo gallery below. Honestly, I can’t tell the difference between this Kindle and a new unit. In fact, as it uses Sprint versus AT&T, it could very well be a new unit that Amazon doesn’t want to sell as new (given the ‘global wireless’ model and potential confusion). The photos aren’t the best – given a power outage last night, the unboxing was shot via iPhone at a dimly lit local grill.

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10 thoughts on “Dave’s Refurb Kindle 2 Unboxed”

  1. Oh yeah, one of my first orders of business is finding a case. No way I can throw this into my laptop bag without protection. It’s too bad a basic sleeve isn’t included. But then Amazon wouldn’t move as many $35 cases.

    And thanks to Rick Klau (Google) for turning me on to the writing of Daniel Suarez. Good stuff.

  2. I think i might pick up a wifi nook this weekend. Using my gf’s has made me jealous. I am hoping it will motivate me to sit down and read more often, something i have not done in years.

  3. Dave,
    Nice snag, I’ll have to re-order one. I bought the same one last week before the price drop for $189 (which I thought was a decent price), the next day the price dropped. I emailed Amazon support to try to get a price adjustment – no deal as it was the Warehouse Refurb’d US version. Actually, they indicated that since it was not a product at Amazon anymore they couldn’t adjust the price. So, I had to send it back. Geez…

  4. Awesome, thanks for the pix and review! I think I might have to upgrade to the K2. The Nook is intriguing, but I have already purchased a fair amount of AMZ books that I’m assuming won’t work on the Nook. Love my original Kindle still.
    Dave, which cover are you planning on getting? I assume you are reading (or read) Daemon?

  5. I did read Daemon and I’m part way into the sequel, although I lost a bit of steam.

    Regarding the cover, I’m thinking either the official Amazon case or a Timbuk2 sleeve. Undecided, but need to come up with something quick as I’m flying out Friday.

  6. Dave – Grats on your purchase! I ended up getting the $22 SimpleCase for Kindle 2 on Amazon because I’m a klutz and it’s a full one-piece solution – both a book-like cover when open and fully closed travel case when zipped shut. It’s very plain but it’s a bit bigger all around than the Kindle and has decently hard covers. A big feature for me was if you tuck the zipper pulls into the spine then the cover folds back easily so it gives a lot of ways to hold the Kindle. Are you going to name your Kindle on Amazon’s Manage My Kindle? I sort of enjoyed doing that. My Kindle’s name is Roxanne (like the Police song).

  7. Didn’t know I could name my Kindle. Hm, not sure I’m creative enough to come up with something worthwhile.

    Regarding the case, I ended up ordering a sleeve this AM – it’s pretty spartan but will protect the Kindle while it’s in my laptop bag or on the counter. About $25, fake silver leather with interesting pattern: http://amzn.to/cL2phk

  8. His new book is Freedom. Part of a trilogy or so I hear (3rd book isn’t written yet).

    K2 Sprint version is down to $110! I couldn’t resist at that price!

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