Apple’s Other Announcements

Dave Zatz —  January 15, 2008

Two questions I have following Macworld’s live keynote coverage:


  • Will Time Capsule functionality be made available to existing Airport Extreme base stations with USB-connected hard drives? (As mine is configured.)
  • Will the MacBook Air‘s new multi-touch interface (that I requested) be made available on existing MacBook models?

You can probably guess which answer I’m hoping for…

8 responses to Apple’s Other Announcements

  1. ha, i was just having exactly the same discussion with a co-worker… i want new functionality of my airport extreme w/ disk and macbook! for free! (not $20 like the ipod touch…)

  2. I’d guess NO and YES.

  3. Q is do you need a new trackpad to use the multi-touch interface… haven’t seen any posts one way or the other yet.

  4. Probably yes and yes.

    For the first, see (about midway down):

    von Rospach is a long time Apple employee (now gone) and so when he says something like that, it’s probably reliable.

  5. I hope he’s right. I specifically bought my Airport for the USB storage. And so far I’m less than impressed. Sometimes the drive is visible on the network, sometimes it is not. Transfer times seem slow. And of course no Time Machine backup. Yet. I do agree with him that Time Capsule is priced aggressively (for Apple) – if I hadn’t already bought in and if it also allows other sorts of storage, I would prefer the single unit.

  6. “And so far I’m less than impressed”

    The implementation seems to be fairly buggy, which may be why it was dropped at the last-minute from Leopard.

  7. Dave,

    Rumor is the update with the Airport backup support you want is coming soon…