Please Bring Multi-touch To Laptops

multi-touch-iphone.jpgDuring the 4+ hour flight yesterday, I cleaned up a few directories on my laptop. Leopard’s handy spacebar-initiated preview feature made quick work of the task. However, on a few occasions I instinctively attempted to zoom in on the preview by placing my thumb and index finger together on the touchpad then pulling them apart. What’s surprising is that I don’t even own an iPhone. I’m not interested in a purely touchscreen, keyboardless laptop… Though, I ‘d obviously appreciate a multi-touch pad. Maybe even a screen. Make it happen!

4 thoughts on “Please Bring Multi-touch To Laptops”

  1. In effect, the trackpad on current MacBooks and MacBook Pros already *is* multi touch… They already support two finger scrolling and it doesn’t have to be two fingers together. You can put one finger of one hand on one edge of the pad and move another finger around to initiate the scrolling.
    All it needs is to recognize other gestures such as pinch together and spread apart and you can have your zoom functions.

  2. Yep, I find the finger scrolling very useful. (I also find the two-finger+click useful for bringing up the contextual menu, since Apple still refuses to add a second physical button.) Though many trackpads of various manufacturers offer scrolling in one form or another. I’d like to see that pinch and spread implemented – my MBP has a large enough trackpad for it to work.

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