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Life beyond the lawsuit… we’re beginning to get a clearer picture of TiVo’s long term intentions and they appear quite focused on delivering advanced television software and services on whatever platform potential operator partners have in mind. And, with an emphasis on the European market, TiVo is promoting a new Network PVR solution and IPTV integration from IBC. Europe, via Virgin Media, already represents about 50% of installed TiVo units and may grow at a faster rate given new initiatives underway and this Continental lingo, including “PVR” and “catchup” TV. Beyond a greater willingness from overseas Tier 1 providers to play ball, TiVo also recognizes some cost savings with foreign deployments. From CEO Tom Rogers at their quarterly call:

With our international deployments, all of that infrastructure is hosted by the operator and, therefore, our direct cost of service tends to be significantly lower than it does here in the U.S.

We previously caught an ActiveVideo demo of a cloud-based TiVo experience running via Roku (!), yet it’s looks like this IBC iteration of the TiVo nPVR runs on a Harmonic back-end infrastructure, piped through through Entone Kamai 500 and Cubiware/Evolution Digital set-top boxes.

The most interesting tidbit from TiVo’s recent announcements are the potential social features (which may or may not make it to US retail Roamio customers): Continue Reading…


Beyond easy drive replacement, it’s come to light that the TiVo Roamio and updated Minis are capable of displaying arbitrary web pages and streaming H.264 video. I suppose it’s really no surprise given the Roamio’s Chomecast-esque DIAL capabilities and upcoming HTML5 Opera app platform. Fortunately, this new method of TiVo interface is unprotected and the infinitely useful kmttg has already been updated with rudimentary support – adding a new Web tab, as shown above. But I imagine it’s just the beginning…


While TiVo is crushing it with cable partnerships and licensing deals, the retail DVR picture isn’t so rosy. And, for the first time since 2004, they’ve dropped below 1 million subscribers. Having received nearly universal praise, I imagine the company believes they’re posed to turn the tide with the newly released Roamio. Yet, TiVo indicated to investors that they intend to reduce R&D expenditures and that Roamio hardware generates “better hardware margins” for the company (despite a billion in the bank).

There’s no question in my mind that TiVo will see solid sales this fall and through the holidays… it’s what happens after that’ll determine their retail fate. Surely more over-the-top apps, out-of-home streaming, and Android streaming support would be a good start. But TiVo may also find they need to lower prices/fees for sustained expansion of their customer base.


Thanks to TiVo’s recent site refresh, a few interesting items have been surfaced, including an Operator-Branded Web Portal PDF. Of course, we’ve long known TiVo has been prepping this cable company “TV Everywhere” offering and even shot some video of it in action (embedded below) at the Cable Show. And given that particular development site appears to have been redirected to a RCN URL, we can’t help but wonder if launch is imminent. From TiVo’s pitch, the web portal offers:

  • What to Watch (recommended shows)
  • Search across TV, operator VOD and OTT content – and get integrated results on what you’re looking for
  • Schedule and manage recordings and ongoing
  • Season Pass recordings on your TiVo DVR even away from home
  • Grid Guide with up to 14 days of programming

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Considering a brand-spanking-new TiVo Roamio Plus or Pro DVR? You might want to hold off a few months. Cable providers who haven’t provided updated firmware for their CableCARDs essentially limit 6-tuner DVRs to 4 streams or pixelate video beyond recognition. Out of the box, beyond the obvious viewing issues, customers in this situation may also end up with a certain percent of unusable recordings and will be unable to fully flex their TiVo Mini whole-home muscles. Yet, for those who find themselves in this predicament, TiVo has provided a method to limit the number of tuners in use until the issue can be corrected. At the moment, the dysfunctional 4/6 CableCARDs appear limited to certain Comcast regions running Cisco/Scientific Atlanta gear with the MSO anticipating upgrade completion in October. Further, FiOS TV subscribers with pixelated content and Motorola cards numbered ######-002 should contact Verizon for replacement.


More detail from the support note quoted below and, if nothing else, this should provide good fodder for TiVo’s FCC CableCARD complaint. Continue Reading…

Meet The TiVo Mini Me DTA

Dave Zatz —  August 26, 2013


The Roamio isn’t TiVo’s only summer set-top launch, as Evolution Digital DTAs featuring the TiVo UI are now being made available to cable partners. This particular, diminutive DTA is HD-capable and the lower cost hardware can obviously be loaded up with TiVo — enabling operators to deliver a consistent experience to secondary televisions. Features of this DVR-less TiVo:

  • Grid Guide and Mini-Guide with 16-20 hours of data
  • Channel Banner
  • Operator UI branding
  • What to Watch (recommended shows)
  • Upsell promotions
  • Field Software Updates


Thanks to WSJ Live, via AOL ON, it looks like an upcoming TiVo Roamio Slide Remote has just been outed. The new IR/RF remote currently shipping with Roamio is getting something of mixed reviews, due to the exclusion of a learning function, as provided by prior TiVo remotes, and reduced range compared to the discontinued TiVo Slide. Perhaps this accessory will improve upon both of those… while obviously returning the much-desired physical QWERTY keyboard! No telling if backlit keys will also make a repeat appearance, or if there’s even much value in such a feature. Stay tuned? (sourced via the IDF)