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Fear not, TiVo Premiere owners… as our platform hasn’t yet been abandoned. And, within the next few weeks, the Fall Update will begin rolling out — bringing a variety of bug fixes, a far more usable Netflix app, Wishlists in HD, and dynamic tuner allocation for a better TiVo Mini experience. Unfortunately, the new slightly tweaked TiVo UI (colors, fonts) won’t be available until 2014.

To move to the front of the Fall Update line, simply provide your TiVo Service Number here. Having recently taken the Roamio plunge, I registered my interest and plan to flip my Lifetimed TiVo Premiere XL4/Elite in short order.


So the plan had been wait until the new year, supposedly when Android streaming and Opera apps arrive, before considering a TiVo Roamio upgrade. Yet a highly compelling discount came my way via an industry pal and, as you can see above, I was motivated to take action.

My initial Roamio Pro experience is quite positive, starting with the lovely packaging which is in a very different league than my Premiere Elite’s nondescript cardboard marketing. Set-top box build quality feel goods and, while it won’t matter to most, the connections around back are better positioned for installation into my very tight, minimalist TV stand. Unfortunately, I’m not (yet?) digging the new RF/IR remote Continue Reading…


For many years, I’ve relied upon a small ASUS wireless bridge (WL-330gE) for a variety of blog and personal projects around the house. And, frankly, I’m long overdue for a 802.11n upgrade… especially as I consider a second TiVo Mini — in my kitchen, lacking both coax and Ethernet connectivity. I’d originally considered having Verizon wire me up with another FiOS TV jack but, after their recent rate increases, that’s off the table. Powerline is another option, and probably a safer bet than wireless, yet I remain firmly anti-clutter.

So I briefly took a look at ASUS’ latest and greatest portable router (WL-330N), which does indeed add higher speed, greater distance 802.11n capabilities — but at $47 it was a bit more than I cared to spend for this sort of product. Not to mention, configuration of my model has always been something of a pain. Enter the TP-Link TL-WR702N Continue Reading…


Verizon is sending customers links and literature covering updated FiOS TV fees. And, sadly, TiVo owners will be paying the price. Already the most costly provider when it comes to CableCARD rentals, Verizon has jacked up the price, once again, to $4.99/month. By comparison, a DTA set-top box runs a single dollar more at $5.99/month.


Unfortunately, the differential doesn’t logically scale as the cost to replace a damaged or misplaced CableCARD runs $100 whereas the DTA is $175…. leading me to believe this supersized fee for a mere PCMCIA card is both punitive, designed to encourage folks to utilize Verizon’s own equipment, and intended to offset whatever additional support costs Verizon incurs due to (their) activation/pairing issues and the like. Of course, as all who follow this space know, CableCARDs are under attack … by the very same industry that put forth this imperfect technology and, yet, without a viable replacement.

Continue Reading…


If your household is anything like mine, you might find you’re in need of his and hers TiVo remotes – one for each nightstand. Fortunately, new Roamio owners now have that option… as TiVo has launched a Roamio Remote accessory for $29.99:

  • Award-winning peanut shape in a more compact size and with new “back” button for use in apps.
  • Control power, input, volume and mute of your TV and/or audio receiver.
  • IR/RF signal removes line-of-sight requirements, ideal for in-cabinet setups.
  • Press the remote finder button on your TiVo Roamio™ Plus or Pro to have the remote play a TiVo jingle so you can easily find it.

Officially, the remote only supports Roamio hardware. However, Continue Reading…

Motorola President Home and Networks Mobility Dan Moloney CES 2010

Every industry has its own small-world feel, and the cable industry perhaps more than most. Enemies and friends disappear and then reappear in new circles. Opponents in one fight end up allies in another. And the once-president of Motorola Mobility joins the Board of Directors for retail rival TiVo.

Such is the case with Dan Moloney. Moloney rose up through General Instruments, and was part of the acquisition of GI by Motorola in 2000. He ran Motorola’s Connected Home business (known by a variety of names over the years), and, after a brief stint as CEO of Technitrol in 2010, took on the role of President at Motorola Mobility when the original Motorola split in two. He left again in 2012 when Google took over, and has largely been off the radar for the last year.

Now Moloney’s back, Continue Reading…

TiVo Roamio, One Month Later

Dave Zatz —  September 26, 2013


After launching about a month ago to overwhelmingly positive reviews and to what we’re hearing are impressive sales, given limited (and bizarre) advertising to this point, TiVo Roamio out-of-home streaming is on track for an October launch — which is when TiVo intends to light up significant marketing, ideally timed for the critically important holiday shopping season, as we had assumed. Of course, TiVo will face some challenges given only 2 of the 3 Roamio DVRs actually “roam” (on their own) and Android support is now slated for early 2014.

As is to be expected from a significant new platform, there have been some technical glitches — the most notable being related to CableCARD tuning and network issues in relation to “green” routers. But TiVo has rapidly been squashing bugs: a Netflix crasher was resolved last week, Xfinity on Demand V301 communication issues were corrected last night, with better CableCARD and router support are expected in maybe two weeks.

For folks dissatisfied with stock DVR recording capacities (or looking to save a few bucks via an upgraded Plus versus MSRP Pro), it’s come to light that hard drives up to 3TB can simply be dropped into the set-top with Roamio handling all the drive prep for you. And for those that desire an absolutely massive 4TB internal drive, good for 630hrs of HD recording, Weaknees can help.


As to what’s next, the Opera app platform for TV is expect to hit early next year along with an updated TiVo SDK… and hopefully usher in a broader catalog of content partners. However, TiVo’s new HTML5 capabilities are already being leveraged via new Netflix and YouTube apps and two community software programs have been updated to beam webpages and H.264 video through Roamio. On the hardware front, companion TiVo Mini units are out of stock – but we’re not yet prepared to read much into that. More interesting is imagery depicting an updated TiVo Slide remote with QWERTY keyboard for the Roamio generation of DVRs.