TiVo Voice Remote Nears Release

As revealed a few months back, TiVo is (finally) prepping native voice control. And the retail voice remote is nearing release, given this recent FCC filing and insider chatter. For me, acoustical capabilities cannot arrive soon enough. While I suspect I’ll rarely seek out content suggestions by voice, like “horror movies” or “soccer,” I will absolutely channel surf. For example, it took some time to track down Animal Planet for my daughter (which was a bust) as I have no idea where most channels live (being a long-term DVR owner) and textual search can be somewhat tedious (compared to Mom’s Xfinity remote).

Beyond the new big blue microphone button, it looks like Netflix has successfully strong-armed TiVo into their direct access button requirement (with Apple TV likely being the last and only hold out). Fortunately, that bit ‘o spam is nicely offset by a new, dedicated commercial skip button (that replaces the cable version’s On Demand).

As to timing, I believe we’re looking at a fall release and, supposedly, older TiVo units like Premiere will be able to purchase remotes with a USB dongle to enable the appropriate RF (BLE?) communication.

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  1. I think TiVo’s days are almost numbered, but if they want to compete in anyway vs OTT boxes, they need a native OTT streaming service support ASAP. Partner with DirecTV Now, SlingTV…any of them.

    Not just another app, but built-in guide solution that is seamless with OTA channels and the TiVo software.

  2. Not that I have an overwhelming desire for voice search right now — maybe in a few years when my little one watches TV, but I would have to hope that the functionality also comes to their iOS apps in addition to the new remote.

  3. I can’t tell you if it’d come to the app, but it seems like a natural extension and I have heard Alexa support is also under development.

    Regarding the OTT aggregaters, I imagine TiVo would love to offer them even as a dedicated app… but their footprint and proprietary platform probably makes it unlikely. Native integration would obviously be killer, but that’s even less likely.

  4. Will it allow native integration with the Amazon Alexa?

    I can see using the vice control, but I am not interested in replacing my slide remote.

  5. It’s not exactly the same as pressing a button and speaking a command, but the TiVo app remote control does support voice input via the microphone (at least on iOS devices). I rarely use the search feature on the TiVo, as I typically search for shows via the app.

    Of course, it doesn’t work for saying “change channel to Animal Planet” when watching live tv, but just for searching via the app using voice inputs, that piece has worked fine for a while now.

  6. Bradleys, they’re also developing an Alexa skill. Although I have doubts it’ll ship and, if it does, assume it’ll be far more limited than what we’ll get through this remote. Since we moved, I don’t know where my slide remote is and so much of my viewing is on platforms other than TiVo these days that I haven’t missed it. If I find it, maybe we’ll do a giveaway.

  7. I no use the Tivos nearly as much as I used to. So much of my video consumption is on demand and now that both the Apple TV and Nvidia Shield tv boxes have dvr apps (Channels, HD Homerun, Live Channels etc.), I can centralize and recordings on a NAS and watch on different devices. They already have voice search, all of the major tv apps and OTT services. It’s getting harder to justify the Roamios. I’m actually considering selling them.

  8. @robin cobb I put a 8TB drive in my Roamio and basically it is now a NAS for OTA Television shows. I use Tivo Minis around the house to “stream” the content. I’m currently binge watching all of the programs from last season and I can tell you Commercial Skip is a godsend. So I still find TiVo a great device for OTA. If they could integrate the DirecTV Now app – it would be perfect.

  9. 8TBs! Is that the maximum size? Is it as easy as dropping a new hard drive inside? I have a Mini also, so I may go back to using it and use the 8 terabytes as centralized storage. I agree that Tivo is still great and so far, I haven’t been able to give it up. Both Roamios are lifetimed and the IOS app is great for downloading shows. Like Dave said, Tivos’ small footprint is probably what holds them back from getting OTT services. I would love HBO Now.

  10. Way off topic, but my TiVo Roamio Plus updated last night, so now the interface looks just like that of the Bolt. I was just in the old SD settings menu last night, and today when I launched it, everything had changed to reflect the interface and menus. I honestly like this look better, but thought it was odd with them supposedly getting ready to drop the new interface soon (unless that got pushed back or cancelled completely, and I missed it). .

  11. It’s about time they update that interface. I’ll need to check my boxes when I get home tonight.

  12. Awesome, I’ll see if any of my units have updated (and of course I’ll force a connection if not).

  13. Oddly, I didn’t get a message about the change like I would have expected. I honestly thought it was an issue when I first saw it, because everything looked so condensed.

  14. As usual TiVo is late to the voice party, although at least they actually showed up this time. When it comes to UI, I think they should adopt the Fan TV UI they have on the B2B. That UI looks amazing and seems to be ahead of its time when it came out. Hydra looks like typical TiVo and has too much complication. Simplicity is something this company does not understand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCjFNWng_hk


  15. Honestly, I’ll probably use the voice features, but what I really want is a sleep button so I can finally ditch the TV remote.

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