TiVo To Complete HDUI (after seven long years)

After seven long years, sources indicate TiVo is poised to finally complete the HDUI menuing system that was originally unveiled with the Premiere back in 2010. Although, it’s not actually clear that Premiere hardware will receive the interface update, whereas it’s confirmed Roamio and Mini will. Beyond updating the remaining standard definition screens to high definition, Roamio and Mini hardware will see an overall refresh that builds upon the flatter visuals of the Bolt, which will also receive the update. Although the timing sure is curious given an even more significant new TiVo interface option also on the docket for 2017… but that’s how they roll.

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  1. Now if they’d only get their guide date fixed since Rovi took over and ruined it all…

    They really only have/(HAD!) ONE sellable product, and that’s timely and PROPER guide data, and they can’t even get that right anymore.

  2. TiVo hasn’t been very good about keeping schedules and I’d hate to be blamed if and when they slip again… :) For example, that Hydra UI was originally slated to ship last year as was Mavrik. I assume the Rovi guide integration derailed many initiatives. Hopefully this summer?

  3. WooHoo!!! Now how long will it take to finish? Two more years??

    We’re still waiting for UHD from the Amazon app on the Bolt(or any other UHD app besides the current two)) It’s only been a 19 month wait so far for that.

  4. Well, hopefully they do a better job with the MoCA network settings area of the menu when they port the changes over to the Roamio and Minis.

  5. This would make a great “10th Anniversary HDUI” release… I know, I know, I’m probably being overly optimistic on the timeline :-)

  6. Boo! Hiss! I’ve taken great enjoyment at Dave complaining for seven years about something that doesn’t really affect anyone’s UX.

    Why is TiVo taking away my fun?

  7. I just wish the streaming option was more reliable. I hate having my show cut mid watch because my TiVo needs to be rebooted.

  8. I am betting this change needed to be completed before the Hydra update can be layered over the top of it. Each of these screens consist of new sevices and redesigned functionality – so the backend absolutely needed to be finished before rolling out the newest User Interface.

    Seems to be another step…

  9. JD, which streaming app is giving you trouble? I never have issues with my Roamio Basic, and any of the streaming apps. They all work fine, and I’ve never had one quit “mid-watch”. My Tivo is hard-wired to my router.

    I have Charter Spectrum 60Mbps, with 5 down.

  10. Bradleys, good call on possibly underlying hooks needing to be implemented – that could certainly be part of it.

    JD, Mike, the 3rd party streaming apps I find sluggish to get into while I find the native outbound streaming to iOS and the like unreliable, particularly out of home or when utilizing transport controls.

  11. The article see to make the incorrect assumption that TiVo will fix the non-HD UI screens *separate from* the launch of Hydra….

  12. Very disappointed with Roamio which is the third one I have tried. It is utterly unreliable and even loses wifI after a multiple reboot. Not a good product and if not for Roku I would have lost streaming a long time ago. Continuous failure to connect does not a good product make. I would say buy something else if asked.

  13. About time on the HDUI, but I really don’t care for the updated UI on my Roamios to look like the Bolts. I like the current UI just fine.

    Meanwhile, my Slingboxes do all my TiVo OOH streaming, and it works PERFECTLY! Every time I try to see if the Stream will work properly for OOH streaming, it is a NIGHTMARE. Yes, on my Android Nougat phone using the FREE SlingPlayer app, I do get the Ad that plays (not on my PAID FOR SlingPlayer Apps on my tablets and NEVER on my FireTV FREE SlingPlayer app), upon opening the app, but then I just SKIP IT after 5 seconds. This is NO BIG DEAL at all, and I have great, high quality, no break-up nor stutter OOH streaming. I greatly recommend Slingbox while people can still get them. It beats the TiVo Stream by about 1 million percent. And as for transferring shows to my mobile, unless it has an internet connection to SIGN IN, it won’t playback the transferred shows, which is really the whole point of transferring the shows to mobile for when we do NOT have internet access. Yeah, I’ve done the workarounds, etc. and it always trips up again. I am done with TiVo Stream for OHH Streaming. SLINGBOX is still KING

  14. What ever happens to the Cox/Tivo alliance?
    Why hasn’t Tivo fixed the slow menu system on the Premiere after all these years?

  15. Ronny, Premiere’s limitations are largely hardware. Although, the HAXE rewrite did improve the situation. Cox On Demand is available to TiVo in a number of markets: https://support.tivo.com/articles/Features_Use/Cox-On-DEMAND-Available-Markets

    Little Bird, I had no basis to assume this Bolt-eque Premiere (now confirmed), Roamio, Mini skinning and Hydra are linked, but Bradley’s theory sounds reasonable and I’ll take your word for it.

    BS, Hm. Info ascertained from a source and this thread that pre-dates 20.7.1. But having just moved and barely starting to unpack, I wasn’t able to confirm on my Roamio prior to publication. So the HDUI was either completed a few weeks ago or will be sometime later this year – I’m covered for 2017, although it would be super ironic if I had missed the big moment. ;) Regardless, I’ve got more interesting articles in the hopper… (it’s hard keeping Chucky satiated).

    Harry, I hope DISH keeps your Slingbox service operational and responds to issues in a timely fashion… Given Hopper’s similar capabilities, perhaps they will.

  16. I was poking around my Onepasses on the web two nights ago and for a second I saw the option to “save to the cloud if possible” for one show. I tried to get the option again but couldn’t.

  17. I still feel that is a UI lift for something like the Telegraph when the phone exist..now you watch TV from your provider on your tablet or by HULU, Sling, etc…

    I do have my Romaio and mini…

  18. “I’m sure the Rovi guide data and Hydra will provide years of fodder… ;)”

    But unlike making the rarely used Settings screens HDUI, those things actually matter. I can’t make fun of you for carping about the Rovi guide data, because it probably pisses me off more than it does you.

    TiVo took away all my fun…

  19. Cox On Demand seems to work in the Middle Georgia market (Macon/Warner Robins), although I’ve never tried to do anything that requires paying. It’s all very badly organized, though, so I’m not sure if it’s officially “working” or not.

  20. Haxe? I am still waiting for them to rewrite the HDUI in assembly code for my Premiere. It should really fly!

  21. Little Bird, I had no basis to assume this Bolt-eque Premiere (now confirmed), Roamio, Mini skinning …

    So it’s been confirmed that the HDUI update will be rolled-out to Premieres, as well?

  22. Correct – I received clarification after posting. We probably have companies like RCN to thank for that, I know they’ve previously pushed TiVo for a consistent presentation across the different hardware models.

  23. I know they’ve previously pushed TiVo for a consistent presentation across the different hardware models.

    Yeah, I thought it would be odd for TiVo to standardize the UI across the Roamio, BOLTs and Minis, leaving the Premieres behind. I’m sure BOLT customers have been mildly annoyed at the inconsistency between their BOLT and Minis.

  24. the cox ondemand on Tivo is on Premiere Roamio Bolt and mini as long as you have cox tv and Cable card and Cox interenet

  25. HDUI I don’t have a clue what yall talking about I suppose I need to catch up okay an acronym
    high definition user interface
    I just figured it out intuitively I think
    Am I right ?
    If I am what use will it be to me ?

  26. “HDUI I don’t have a clue what yall talking about I suppose I need to catch up okay an acronym high definition user interface I just figured it out intuitively I think Am I right ?”


    Huey, Dewey, and Iouie, Understand?

  27. Well… HDUI is an acronym for ‘high definition user interface’ but more importantly, based on TiVo marketing and support documents, it’s also a branding term, what TiVo calls this generation of their menuing system. I could be more clear in the text, although I usually write to my regulars who speak this arcane lingo. I dropped in two tweaks which should help.

  28. @Robert Wise
    I have a Roamio Basic that I take back and forth to my GFs house. I use it with a wired connection at home at with wireless at my GFs house. I take it to her house doznes of times a year and I’ve had it since November 2013. I setup the wireless password in 2013 and have never needed to re-enter it. Even after software updates and powering it up and down over 150 times. It always connects to the wireless network without me needing to re-enter any info. Maybe the Roamio you have is defective?

  29. “Well… HDUI is an acronym for ‘high definition user interface’”

    But, Dave, you neglected to answer the most important part of his question: “what use will it be to me ?”

    You need to inform him how moving the Settings menus to HDUI will revolutionize his life, make using his TiVo much, much easier on a daily basis, and likely help him to lose weight, regrow any lost hair, and secure his financial situation.

    After seven long years in hell, our long national nightmare is over! Hallelujah! Our most pressing problem with TV technology is solved! Praise Buddha!

    (God, I hate TiVo for taking away my most reliable source of fun with you by making this tweak.)

  30. As a purveyor of fake news, as you’ve pointed out, there’s really not much to be gained by wrapping up the two or three remaining settings screens other than keeping the video window playing in the upper right (dependent upon model and if enabled) and maybe the satisfaction of knowing TiVo can successfully complete an initiative over the course of a few presidential terms. Although those user profiles were apparently left on the cutting room floor…

  31. Like I say, Dave, it’s just that I’m going to miss having a topic where I’m able to troll you while feeling fully justified in doing so once this fix is done.

    Damn Alviso is taking away all my fun here, and for no good reason! This is the single greatest witch hunt of a commenter in American history!

  32. I would love to see some changes to my beloved Premiere. If only the Premiere had the speed of a Bolt. I prefer the yellow accents on the Premiere over the white on Bolt.

  33. Just got home from a weekend away and noticed what appears to be a full HDUI on my Roamio Plus. How long until that is replaced with the new UI?

  34. The new “Hydra” UI will be opt-in for existing boxes is my understanding. But I’m also hearing Margret Schmidt is leaving the company, which could impact timelines and initiatives – whether an intentional move on management’s part, I do not know.

  35. Sad to hear about Margret leaving. She is seriously the absolute best thing to happen to TiVo in customer engagement and customer service. I hope she puts her talents to good use elsewhere.

  36. Dan, so you are saying the HDUI is complete on your TiVo? I’ve got a bolt plus and two minis and it’s not complete on the minis but might be in the boot plus, I’ll check.

  37. Mike, I haven’t checked my Premiere that lives in the guest room (since it’s basically just an extra hard drive/streaming machine for us to the living room by now) but the HDUI is definitely complete on the Roamio.

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