Xfinity Voice Control Remote To Upstage Amazon Fire TV

By way of The Donohue Report and the FCC, we learn that Comcast is poised to launch a voice-control remote for the Xfinity X1 platform. Whereas Amazon’s Fire TV remote similarly incorporates a microphone, Comcast’s offering extends well beyond search … inheriting functionality from the Xfinity mobile app. While holding down the microphone button, some sample commands from the user manual:

  • FIND The Voice
  • SHOW ME all Eagles games
  • SHOW ME all kids movies on HBO
  • RECORD The Biggest Loser
  • LAUNCH Pandora

It’s not yet known if all new Xfinity X1 rentals will be bundled with the voice activated remote or if it’s an optional accessory (for a fee). But it’s certainly a welcome addition, even if it doesn’t also possess Roku’s handy headphone jack.

2 thoughts on “Xfinity Voice Control Remote To Upstage Amazon Fire TV”

  1. The only real Comcastic! issue is that if the Remote is unable to understand any of your commands, the EULA says it will interpret them as binding requests to upgrade your package of services and extend your contract for up to 10 years.

  2. Oh, c’mon Chucky, that’s ridiculous.

    It will of course find shows on channels you don’t subscribe to because, you know, you can’t remove them from the guide, and then switch the channel and there might be a bug in an early preview where they by mistake press enter on the screen that says “press enter to subscribe”.

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