TiVo And DirecTV Extend Pact

Huge, huge news! While not unexpected given DTV’s slow start in transitioning customers off to TiVo and the associated expenses, this is very good news for both TiVo as a company and for DirecTV TiVo customers. The original agreement was set to expire in about a year, at which point TiVo would have stopped providing … Read more

TiVo Echostar Round 1 Heads To Jury

To recap: TiVo has sued Echostar for infringing on their “time warping” patent. After a delay last fall, the trial finally began about two weeks ago. Echostar has focused their defense on Dish DVR’s technical variations (“media switch“) while TiVo has been playing the role of David (versus Goliath) and is seeking $87 million in … Read more

Deal O’ The Day: Slingbox

Today is the first time I’ve seen the Slingbox for under $199! (Retail is $249.) Dell has it for only $179 with free shipping by applying this $70 off coupon code: 7S35$VG845N79N. UPDATE: Expired.

Commercial TiVo Photo Displaying HME App

This is one of the first commercial HME applications I’ve run across… Web-a-Photo (who?) allows you to share, edit, and order prints of your photos online. Their free beta HME app, which must be installed on your PC, serves up those web photos on TV via TiVo. I can’t say I’m overly enthused about this … Read more

Space Shuttle Launches in HD

HD Beat is reporting Mark Cuban’s HDNet will broadcast upcoming Space Shuttle, and some expendable rocket, launches in HD through 2010. Very cool! Well… very cool if the Shuttle ever gets off the ground again.

Slingbox Released in Canada

Any Canadian readers in the house? You can now pick up a Slingbox for $299 CAD, which roughly equates to the US list price of $249 — though on several occasions it’s been offered as low as $199 USD. Sling Media says: Sling Media, Inc., a digital lifestyle consumer electronics products company, today announced that … Read more

TiVo Goes To War

As many of you know, the next two weeks are critical in determining TiVo Inc’s future. If they are able to prevail in defending their “time warp” patent versus Dish Network, with court proceedings beginning today, TiVo should be able to work out royalty arrangements with other DVR providers – in or out of the … Read more

TiVo Series 2 Hardware Refresh

Several shopping sites have just posted listings for the mysterious new Series 2 devices (TCD649080,TCD649180) that feature dual tuner capabilities, Ethernet, and an 80HR or 180HR recording capacity at a list price of $249 and $349 respectively. No word on ship dates, however it seems the NTSC OTA tuner will be phased out well before … Read more