TiVo and DirecTV Nominated for Emmys

tivo-emmy.jpgAnyone live near LA? In two weeks the American Film Institute (AFI) is hosting a pretty interesting digital media gathering. Some of the compelling sponsors include presenter Starz (aka Vongo) and exhibitor Brightcove (a TiVo partner). More importantly TiVo and DTV have been nominated for Interactive/Enhanced Television Programming Emmys and the winners will be announced here. The event does cost $150, but access to the cocktail reception is included.

Reuters says: “This is monumental — that any TV distribution over broadband will now be eligible across all categories for the Primetime Emmys,” said Hurst, explaining that content created exclusively for the broadband platform now can compete against network content. Finalists in the category of enhanced or interactive programming include AOL Music On Demand, from AOL/Time Warner Cable/Zetools; CNN Enhanced, CNN; DirecTV Interactive Sports, DirecTV; and TiVo Service, TiVo.

I don’t believe any of my blogging buddies will be attending, so if anyone can provide photos and commentary we’d all very much appreciate it!

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