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The TiVo Stream 4K HDR Fix Is In*

At long last, the TiVo Stream 4K HDR fix is in! For beta testers, anyway – but coming soon to the rest of us.

HDR Auto – Follow the source – this should enable those seeing issues with SDR content a much better experience, we’ve also included some settings to make sure you can configure as you’d like

Beyond the new display settings, tivopm has provided additional 5211 firmware details on reddit:

  • One-Touch Remote Button Function – Enable buttons to turn on a TV, switch HDMI input (if available), and launch intended function on non-CEC TV’s
  • Wifi Stability – We heard you loud and clear and have been working hard here
  • Audio Stability – There are a number of fixes included around audio also (including Dolby Vision)
  • Resolution Changes – There are fixes for resolution and sync issues as well as black screen
  • Additional fixes and stability updates

With the vast majority of launch bugs and issues soon to be closed out (knock on wood), TiVo should begin iterating more quickly on a long list of enhancements they have planned for the Android TV streamer.

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