The TiVo Stream 4K HDR Fix Is In*

At long last, the TiVo Stream 4K HDR fix is in! For beta testers, anyway – but coming soon to the rest of us.

HDR Auto – Follow the source – this should enable those seeing issues with SDR content a much better experience, we’ve also included some settings to make sure you can configure as you’d like

Beyond the new display settings, tivopm has provided additional 5211 firmware details on reddit:

  • One-Touch Remote Button Function – Enable buttons to turn on a TV, switch HDMI input (if available), and launch intended function on non-CEC TV’s
  • Wifi Stability – We heard you loud and clear and have been working hard here
  • Audio Stability – There are a number of fixes included around audio also (including Dolby Vision)
  • Resolution Changes – There are fixes for resolution and sync issues as well as black screen
  • Additional fixes and stability updates

With the vast majority of launch bugs and issues soon to be closed out (knock on wood), TiVo should begin iterating more quickly on a long list of enhancements they have planned for the Android TV streamer.

18 thoughts on “The TiVo Stream 4K HDR Fix Is In*”

  1. Should not have taken 8 months. To put it in perspective, the Pandemic was in its infancy. They focused on adding features, instead of focusing on the HDR issue. Don’t know where their heads were.

  2. I really had to reset expectations on the TiVo Stream. I have been frustrated by some things for sure with the stream 4k but I started to think a little. I have sony Android tv that rarely gets updates. Good luck getting updates on these cheap Chinese Android tv devices. Im leaving nvidia shield out of this discussion because that is in its own class. TiVo has never been even slightly faster than slow in updates in the last 20 years but I think they are going to be great for the Android tv market. Much better product in terms of use than the chromecast google tv. I know because I have one and TiVo does a lot better job at presenting content that I can watch on my services without filling the screen with stuff I need to purchase. Now if TiVo would work with philo to fix blanks in fast forward I would start using it again. Also let me watch my TiVo DVR recordings on the stream 4k. For now I will continue to use my roku.

  3. When is TiVo going to make the stream 4k stream content from my Bolt? This was promised, but never delivered. They can stream all of these other sources, just not their own? To me, that should have released at the same time the stream was released. It would have set their product apart from all of the other ones.
    Come on TiVo, don’t let your original customers down. We helped you grow to where you are today.

  4. Dr tech has Tivo done something personal to you other than make one of the best streamers out there on their first try at it? You got a introductory price on it right? Kind of goes to the territory in my opinion. One out of five TVs I had some problems with. Sounds like that’ll be fixed soon thanks TiVo!

  5. Have tried four different Edge boxes with five different cable cards. None would receive HD/premium channels from Frontier Cable. Sadly, I now have to give up Tivo and settle for inferior DVR.

  6. Dave, any rumor that TiVo might develop an OTA DVR just for the Stream, a la AirTV? Would complement the Sling integration nicely, and would likely outperform the AirTV which is a very mediocre DVR. Could be a killer cord cutting solution.

  7. Does this fix any flickering in the Channels DVR app when hardware decoding is checked on? Guess it’s a similar issue with Plex, Kodi users too on the TS4K?

  8. As a tivo guy from the very first Tivo 1 models, the one question I have about the Tivo Stream, which Ive never seen any reference to, is whether it can stream content from another Tivo in the house? Does it connect to my existing Tivo like my Mini does, or am I basically just buying a Tivo branded firestick? Is there anything “tivo-ish” about this device other than the brand?

  9. @Steve Jones: No (see the earlier comments here). :( (and a big one there). And no/yes: as you state, it’s (just) a TiVo-branded streaming device (which started with a third-party, not even having originated with TiVo), not an archetypal TiVo DVR ecosystem device. :( (ditto). And the claim is that it brings a “TiVo character” to streaming devices by employing a TiVo-like unified interface (and it also uses a TiVo-like mini-peanut remote). *Lots* of detailed discussion about it at the TiVo Community Forum (

    Not to be cruel, but it’s been plagued by use issues and diehard TiVo DVR user disenchantment since the beginning. :( But I’m prejudiced: I had hoped as you have, as a diehard TiVo guy on my part, or even just for an enhanced streamer. I keep on waiting, and in the meanwhile have stuck with my Roku streamer.

  10. Dave,

    There’s an issue with connecting a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphone where the audio plays at full blast as noted in the Reddit post below. I can confirm the issue still persists as of 3/10 with all updates applied.

    Can you check on this? The TiVo 4K is completely unusable unless I quickly try and turn the volume down. It will wake up neighbors a block away and probably damage my Bose speaker.

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