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TiVo Expands Retail Footprint & Device Capabilities

Our very own Adam Miarka stumbled upon a notable TiVo Stream 4K display at Wal-Mart earlier this week. And, although this isn’t TiVo’s first retail rodeo with the Bentonville behemoth, it’s been awhile. Further, a sizable endcap display like represents a significant financial investment by the DVR pioneer, in addition to signaling they still have skilled folks around able to work such a deal. Not to mention Wal-mart’s taking something of a flyer here and must similarly see value in cord cutters and TiVo’s content unification dreams. Lastly, what was originally marketed as $50 Stream 4K launch pricing last spring is clearly here to stay. Given the (subsidized) competition, TiVo really has no choice – irrespective of universal aggregation aspirations as a differentiator.

As to the TiVo Stream 4K device itself, the company recently released Android TV and Stream app updates with a number of fixes and a few enhancements, including Locast guide integration. As of this week, Starz content is now also available in unified discovery and a firmware update is in the pipeline that will finally expose HDR settings.

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  • I’ll believe the HDR fix when I actually see it. Like dark mode for Facebook IOS. Seriously, instead of focusing on tue HDR issue, they’re worried about content integration with the Stream app. Wow!

  • I've seen the end cap in North East Ohio as well (Medina, OH Walmart). Based on the remote alone, I would have given them some consideration if they integrated in with YouTube TV, as I transition our household from TiVo to FireTV sticks.

  • I really wish TiVo would change position on not integrating the Stream with their DVR line. The two products could compliment each other the same way Fire TV Recast and a few Fire Sticks do. As I look to cut the cord I want the ability to DVR OTA channels in addition to streaming other content. This will push me towards the Amazon route and divesting in TiVo.

    This is a missed opportunity for TiVo.

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