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Our TiVo Stream 4K DVR Extension Dreams Are Dead

I had been holding out hope that TiVo would repurpose the work they had done for Fire TV to bring DVR extender capabilities to the Android TV-based Stream 4K. Beyond whispers it was being explored at one point, TiVo PR seemingly left the door open. Or perhaps it was just my wishful thinking. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. From redditor tivopm:

The TiVo Stream 4K capabilities and features were designed for the streaming player market. The company has no plans to integrate connectivity to TiVo DVRs.

The TiVo Stream 4K remains an economical Android TV solution – still just $50, which compares well to Fire TV and Roku, but now also available at Amazon (for efficient returns, should you change your mind). Although we’re still awaiting some fairly fundamental fixes…

(Thanks but no thanks Brian A!)

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  • So we’re going to create a device for an already mature and saturated market, rather than leverage the features that actually make tivo unique and tie into what is left of our customer base are using.

    Makes sense.

  • This is it for me. I’m don’t with TiVo. I’ve setup Channels DVR and I’ve been using it for 6 months on 2 HiSense Android TV’s as well as 2 Apple TV 4K STB’s. They will be my solution going forward. My wife still uses the TiVo Bolt+ DVR but I might just take that away at this point.

    I purchased a TiVo Stream 4K with the hope of using it as a TiVo mini replacement. But it’s been nothing but a headache so far with issues. And now that they have no plans to use it as a DVR extender I’m done with them.

    I was also holding out hope for a TiVo Apple TV an Android TV app DVR app, but I assume if they are not going to launch the app on their own Android TV device then they are not going to release it for any other STB’s either.

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