TiVo Stream 4K Fixes Delayed

As TiVo attempts to take on Roku and Amazon with their recently released Android TV streaming stick, a number of early launch concerns have cropped up.

With the company’s first software update, TiVo believed HDMI-CEC problems had been resolved. But I can confirm CEC issues persist, to a lesser extent. Not to mention a variety of hard coded video options, undesirable to some, remain in effect. As such, TiVo told CNET they hoped to have another update ready by the end of June… yet here we are closing in on mid-July.

While the TiVo Community Forum appears to have been abandoned by TiVo personnel, and hasn’t been bankrolled by the company in years, ‘tivopm‘ on reddit has been active in recent weeks — providing project roadmap hope and clarity:

We’re working on a number of fixes as well as giving you guys some new features. We’re trying to enable both. But we are focusing on the fixes around flickering video, Bluetooth/Remote Control issues, CEC issues and some WiFi problems. We’re working on a few features which are close to this communities hearts, so as soon as I have confirmation I’ll let you know! […] We’re working hard on this and a number of other fixes we’re trying to get into your hands ASAP. I’m really sorry for the delay here, but we ran into some snags. Please know we’re pushing very hard and as soon as I have updates I’ll let you know

I’ve inquired with TiVo on revised timing and will provide an update when I hear back.

14 thoughts on “TiVo Stream 4K Fixes Delayed”

  1. The Reddit post by tivopm certainly doesn’t motivate me to purchase a Tivo Stream! I’m really curious about how many of these units have been purchased.

  2. IMO, they are like Dish Network in that they pop out stuff, and rapidly abandon support for it.

    I’ll stick with my Roku Ultra, Firestick 4k, and the good old WDTV device for my shows and movies ripped to drives.

  3. Jay, I’m hoping she/he’s alluding to streaming recordings from TiVo DVR to the Stick. Then it’s a big win. Even without, some simply want a solid, inexpensive Android TV streamer. And they key to that is resolving some of these basic issues. Also the promotional launch pricing has been extended a second time, now until the end of the month. That might mean something but who knows what. :)

  4. “and rapidly abandon support for it.”

    That statement clearly contradicts TiVo’s actions and is not based on reality since tivopm stated they are actually working on it.

  5. The issues are frustrating, but overall, I like my Tivo 4k. It has become my default box, since HBO Max isn’t available on Amazon or Roku.

    I love the android features like live channels and playing a few android games.

  6. I want to use my Stream, but it won’t happen until the HDR issue is resolved. Until then I’ve sideloaded HBO Max on my Fire stick and I’ll keep using that for now.

  7. I’ve had issues with no surround sound from some apps and the CEC issue. I like that I can cast to t and it has HBO Max. I also like the just released row int he Tivo “app” which limits it to new movies released. That’s a pain to find on most streaming services. Most oof the time it will take you to new and notable which can mean anything.

  8. Though I don’t pay much attention to tivo happenings even though I use my two remaining tivos constantly, I think this is turning into a comedy blog….Even though its titled Zatznotfunny, the tivo news is just all sarcastic comedy parody. Its like a real company is launching a product, but its tivo so its just a wholly rolling mess. Thanks Dave for continuing to provide the entertainment though I am sure as a tivo lover like most of us that follow you, youd rather them not be such a joke! My tivo HD is still the best box I own because its fast and has HD. My bolt just records and I watch stuff thru the network, but thank god I don’t have to use the interface on it daily like I do on my HD…..I watch almost everything thru a firetv or stick, even my tivo stuff and would have liked the stream to be a good product, but that would have required a different company to build it. Breaks my heart but hopefully my HD lasts forever!

  9. The failure to provide an OTT streaming app for Tivo legacy DVRs will be the demise of this device. The mobile app can be sideloaded and streams the shows perfectly, but the interface is clunky and lacks features. Tivo had a beta OTT streaming app a few years ago that they discontinued. Seems like they could resurrect that app for the Tivo Stream 4k.

  10. FedEx tracking shows Tivo received my TiVo Stream 4K return (due to the HDR issue) on May 21. They didn’t send me an email acknowledging it until June 18, and still haven’t issued my refund.

  11. I would love to be able to sideload the Tivo Stream 4k app onto my ShieldTV. I wish Tivo would sell just the app.

  12. I returned my TiVo Stream 4K shortly after purchase due to the always-on HDR issue and the turning my TV back on after I turned it off issue.

    FedEx tracking showed TiVo received my return on May 21. TiVo didn’t send me an email acknowledging receipt until June 18, and STILL hasn’t issued my refund.

    Will likely be disputing the charge with my bank soon, and after buying no less than 4 TiVo DVR’s and 2 minis over the years, I am done doing business with TiVo.

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