New Wyze Smart Plug 2-Pack Runs $20

While Wyze’s hyped Prime Day reveal was a total snooze fest, Home Depot has got the goods. Namely, the Wyze Wi-Fi smart plug, as originally disclosed by you-know-who. With the favorable Wyze pricing we’ve come to expect, a two-pack runs a mere $20 – once again undercutting the competition.

Be in control from anywhere with controls right in the mobile app. Ask Alexa or Google Assistant to turn the plug on/off with your voice. Schedule appliances and lights to turn on/off at specific times of the day. Automate Wyze Plug with Wyze Sense based on open/close and motion detection.

Wyze remains a smart home company to keep an eye on… and sounds like 10/24 is when the really big announcements (outdoor cam?!) are expected.

(Thanks Jimmy, Adam, Andy!)

4 thoughts on “New Wyze Smart Plug 2-Pack Runs $20”

  1. Yep, the theory is Home Depot jumped the gun. By how long, who knows. But the pricing sounds right and product details confirm my scoop from a week or so back. :)

  2. I was hoping that Wyze would go with the round style. I can actually get them on Amazon for about $8 a piece. I have Wyze cameras, security kits, and their new light bulbs, but I think I’ll take a pass on these.

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