TiVo Mini Wireless Adapter Slated For Midyear Release @ $60

TiVo has never taken the Mini wireless for television programming due to MPEG2 bandwidth considerations … and the resultant experience, which would be highly variable dependent upon ones home network. Of course, I told you how to take matters into your own hands (five years ago!). But for those still looking to something other than Ethernet or MoCA to beam content from a TiVo DVR to a Mini Extender, the company will be offering a new wireless adapter mid-year for $60.

Unlike my most recent 802.11n bridge suggestion, the upcoming TiVo USB dongle implements the more current, capable 802.11ac (which we’re now calling WiFi 5, not to be confused with 5G cellular or 10G cable). Good news in and of itself, not to mention this development should assuage concerns that Minis are going away in light of the upcoming streamer apps. TiVo’s giving us options. And options are nice to have.

6 thoughts on “TiVo Mini Wireless Adapter Slated For Midyear Release @ $60”

  1. Thanks for the further Mini wireless adapter info., Dave. As you said, even if there are alternatives, it’s nice to see TiVo’s continuing dedication and support. As well as, a first official TiVo confirmation of Mini wireless capability. :) Options indeed are good things.

  2. I am also encouraged to see the forward movement that TiVo seems to be making. With the advent of the FireTV Recast, TiVo certainly needs to step up the effort for households that like OTA as well as us cable subscribers that have a death grip on our beloved CableCARD.

  3. Way interesting, from a separate, new article: “The new USB adaptor will allow a TiVo Mini to connect to a base TiVo unit using your home Wi-Fi. If you have a TiVo Bolt, the adaptor will wirelessly connect the TiVo Mini directly to your TiVo without even using your network.”

    And so, getting around possible router tech. issues/limitations (e.g. people still on “N” routers)?

  4. I suppose after Tivo sells enough of these dongles, they will release a new model of the Tivo Mini with built-in wi-fi.

  5. I do not have high hopes for this. I have a Mini on my patio connected to Linksys Velop satellite acting as an Ethernet bridge. The signal between the base station and the satellite is perfect. I can be watching a live or recorded show for hours on the Mini and then turn the channel and I am done. The Mini can’t find its host, check your network connection. A reboot of all equipment sometimes fixes the issue, but usually it does not. Switch over to Netflix and stream fine.

  6. With the constant V87 errors I get, this thing cant come soon enough. I’ve tried everything, new coax, new splitter, Gigabit internet service etc and I’m still plagued with V87 errors. If this wifi adapter is even half as reliable, it will be an upgrade.

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