Channel Master DVR+ To Launch Sling TV

By way of DISH Team Summit, Facebook, and a pair of low resolution videos we learn that not only is Channel Master getting real close to launching those “Linear Channels” of Internet content on DVR+, they’re also landing a SlingTV app. I’ve taken the liberty of concatenating the two grainy show-floor quick-takes (above) but intend to ping Channel Master to see how they feel if I shoot my own video (as I did for DVR+ upon release).

As the story goes, DVR+ is a fee-free, dual-tuning, over-the-air DVR (1TB, $400). That briefly lost its luster given TiVo Roamio OTA pricing that turned out to be a limited time offer (or another marketing mistake). However, TiVo’s return to unfavorable pricing makes DVR+, with the option of Sling TV, a highly compelling solution for a number of cord cutters.

Tim H who tipped us off (thanks!) wonders if it’d get even better with the possibility of DVR+ recording Sling channels… but there’s no way in hell I see that happening. The licensing is way too complex and being (difficultly) managed by Sling TV, a DISH subsidiary. Speaking of which, DVR+ itself is manufactured in conjunction with Echostar, so this tie up isn’t entirely surprising.


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  1. Given Tivo’s non stop inconsistent pricing games I would say these guys have a huge chance to build a more than successful brand in the OTA market. Tivo needs to offer lifetime to ALL ota users. Pick a price point and stick with it. If Tivo is serious about the cord cutting market offer Lifetime service!… Good for ChannelMaster.

  2. “Even though DVR-ing Sling TV content is entirely out of the question…”

    Don’t see the problem. Napster lasted well over a year.

  3. Spoke to Channel Master today… As press, I do currently have access to the linear channels, but they’re not quite ready to push me Sling TV. I’ll wait until I can video both together, so that blurry mess above will have to do for the time being. ;)

  4. Any indication of when the linear channels will be officially launched? From your access, is it a good experience? I’m so excited for this feature!

  5. I don’t have an exact date and will parrot their Facebook update:

    We’re in the process of wrapping it all up! Every time we try to give you guys a date, it seems like it jinxes us, something comes up. So right now we’re just going to say SOON.

    As to the experience, they’ve developed their own custom HLS player which is what (transparently) tunes the Internet video. Every week or so another build comes down the pike, so the options, performance, and even branding have evolved over these last few months. I haven’t yet been briefed on the launch plans (will there be a price, what “channels” will be included, etc) and I wouldn’t want to steal their thunder, but it’s pretty frickin’ amazing to “channel surf” web video like BBC News and Bloomberg, just by hitting up/down on the remote or dialing a channel number. The performance is surprisingly real good in getting those streams going quick so it feels pretty dang close to traditional channel surfing. More importantly, the content is visible in the Guide and readily available to watch on Input 1.

    Fun trivia… A hundred years ago, I was Channel Master at DISH Team Summit. Sadly, it looks like the interwebs ate some of my Twitter photos. Before there were Twitter photos.

  6. So at $400 for only two tuners? Even with the TiVo Roamio at a higher cost it still seems like a better deal since you get four tuners.

  7. Haha Dave I remember that Nashvile Team Summit, too. I was with EchoStar at the time, we had recently acquired Sling and had just split from DISH. Crazy, fun times! I had a colleague who couldn’t manage the walk over to the Grand Ole Opry from the resort on concert night, so DISH sent us a car. A limo pulled up, they said “just take this”, then they dropped us at the back entrance and someone ushered us inside. We were cruising around back stage with all the artists for a long time before someone realized our badges were not back stage access, they were DISH event badges. :)

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