Dish Team Summit Tweets


Here’s the round-up of my Dish Team Summit Nashville trip tweets (with pics) over the last few days (minor edits for accuracy) in chronological order:

  • Forgot to print Southwest boarding pass last night, now stuck in mid-B group. Should be good enough for an aisle, but open seating is weak. (5/14)
  • Downloading Deadliest Catch via TiVoToGo for flight. Hope it finishes transferring before I need to leave. (5/14)
  • Firing up Deadliest Catch (TTG) and off to Nashville. (5/14)
  • Building booth @ Dish Team Summit, Nashville (5/15)
  • Popcorn Hour media tank @ the breakfast table. (5/15)
  • Hootie, Blowfish, and crappy iPhone camera @ Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. (5/15)
  • Gaylord Opryland Resort Internet is horrible. Both hardwired and WiFi feel like dialup. Sprint EVDO card struggling too. JoikuSpot next? (5/16)
  • TR40 renamed DTVpal and shrank 50% – (5/16)
  • Not only do I write, I can even speak – (5/16)
  • D-link’s MoCA networking and media gear – (5/16)
  • Western Digital now offering USB Dish My DVR Expander (in addition to TiVo eSATA drives) – (5/16)
  • Dish Network STB TV2 output getting UHF->IR converter. (Slingbox!) – (5/17)
  • host Charlie Ergen Q&A – (5/17)
  • Too tired for The @CableShow, so most definitely leaving Nashville for home tomorrow. Expect pics & news on EngadgetHD and from @msilbey (5/17)
  • Weak. Nashville Airport Security sponsored by – (5/18)
  • Wiis in stock at airport. ONLY as a $500 bundle. I’m calling Miyamoto to complain. – (5/18)

9 thoughts on “Dish Team Summit Tweets”

  1. No worries – I’m sure we’ll connect again. Besides, the airport run-in was bonus time. Hope your community peeps will be able to put those Slingboxes to use. :)

  2. Woah, you got him Slingboxes? For free? Or did I read that wrong. If you did, I want to meet you. :)

  3. Alex, that’s about the extent of my powers. ;)

    Yolanda, I ran 4 or 5 presentations – and while it crossed my mind for half a second, I couldn’t think of a reason to swipe my name.

  4. Dave I didn’t even realize it was you who gave us the Slingboxes to give away (thank you!)

    Because I was able to get our group of 25 consumers on the floor I was busy watching everyone to make sure they were not doing things that they were not supposed to be doing.

    This is the second year that Dish has allowed me to bring a group of consumers in which is really cool since Team Summit is a private closed event for retailers.

    Thanks again!

  5. I know you had your hands full. And we appreciated Parker inviting me into the Q&A – You did such a fine job answering Sling questions without my help that I was able to sneak out early and get back to booth duty. Jaquet thanks you. ;)

  6. There sure has been a difficult time with the release
    of the converter box by Dishnetwork.
    First the change in appearance, then the change
    in nameplate, and lastly the the change in price.
    I hope Dishnetwork will get their act together soon,
    government vouchers are expiring by the thousands!

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