Channel Master Brings Dozens of Online Channels to DVR+


Channel Master’s fee-free, over-the-air DVR+ is set to receive a massive infusion of online content. Company reps emphasize that what we’re looking at are not “apps” that require configuration and interaction, but rather the direct integration of linear streaming content into the guide for channel surfing alongside those HD antenna broadcasts. Available channels can be added and removed from the guide, as your viewing tastes dictate, and are transparently powered via a custom-built local player that relies on a sort of dynamic DNS service hosted by Channel Master — which points to the online feed, in addition to providing the relevant logos and metadata. Beyond streaming, Channel Master also hopes to introduce pause and record features to this online content, but they’re not certain that will be ready at launch in a month or so. Not to mention, I wonder how many content providers would be willing to play ball.

All in all, this will be nice bonus for Internet-connected DVR+ units and compares favorably to the $15/mo TiVo Roamio OTA … but I’m more looking forward to Channel Master’s whole home functionality, expected in Q3 or sooner.

Some of the online channels being demonstrated on DVR+ at CES:

Al-Jazzera America
BBC World News
Sky News
France 24 (France)
NHK World (Japan)
CNN World
Home Shopping Network
TV Mas (Mexico)
Vevo TV
360 North (Alaska)
Outdoor Cooking Channel
DW (Germany)

14 thoughts on “Channel Master Brings Dozens of Online Channels to DVR+”

  1. Interestingly, the Channel Master DVR+ is manufactured by Echostar… making it a good candidate for Sling TV?

  2. They’re most likely repurposing online streams and actually said something about 45 channels, but I only listed what they’re showing this week. The licensing (or non-licensing) aspect will make this interesting… Very cool technology however it shakes out, but obviously more partners with fewer restrictions would be the goal. It could get contentious and/or be very limited.

  3. No, there is no app, no UI, no archived content. Each source is a “live” stream that you browse thru the DVR+ guide along with its relevant meta data. So it’s OTT video, but not packaged in a provider app of disparate interfaces. (Vudu, Youtube, and Pandora are apps – but they predate and are unrelated to this new “linear OTT” announcement.)

  4. Everyone needs a hook? They intend to replicate the traditional TV experience by sticking the “live” content, including online, in a browsable guide. As an antenna manufacturer, their target market is probably less tech savvy, hoping to modernize a legion VCR owners.

  5. This seems very close to my perfect vision for this type of device. Dave, was there any talk of making the Web channels appear the same in the grid as the OTA channels with programming info rather than just the channel name?

    I would love if I could scroll through and see what is on the WWE Network for the next couple days just like a standard cable programming grid. If I clicked on the channel, I would immediate be taken to the live feed but would also have an overlay that temporarily appeared the screen where I could access the channel options such as on demand content.

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