TiVo Mini Updated With Roamio RF Remote

As we’ve reported for several months, TiVo has been poised to release a slightly refreshed Mini … with an RF remote. And, while sources had indicated the folks in Alviso were tracking for a March delivery, the TiVo Store has just been updated with the new DVR extender model. While there could be under-the-hood changes in regards to manufacturing cost savings or performance improvements, we know for sure the remote has been updated (in addition to the centering of “TiVo Mini” lettering):


The addition of RF allows you to mount the Mini behind a TV or stick it in a cabinet without worrying about remote control line-of-site as you would with the former IR TiVo peanut. Even better, the TiVo Mini’s recent price reduction remains in play (at least thru May) making it an even greater value to both Roamio and 4-tuner Premiere owners — $150 up front gets you both the hardware and Lifetime Service.


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  1. A tangent regarding the Mini: on the always execrable NCTA’s stat about retail CableCARD installations, worth noting that the Mini is helping hold down the number of retail CableCARDs to a deceptive number. Dave used to have 3, now he has 1. Do the math…

  2. “Of course, if you need more of a learning remote the Slide Pro remains the answer. For example, the power button can be programmed to control up to three devices — mine flips on/off both the TV and my Vizio 5.1 soundbar stuff.”

    Not to mention that the Mute button can be used as an arbitrary “magic” button, as it is used in my particular setup…

  3. It’s still an interesting stat… there are fewer than 620,000 (or is it 523,000) active TiVo Series 3/HD, Premiere, and Roamio DVRs in service. I assume also a small number of Ceton, Silicon Dust, etc owners are reflected in that number. As usual, it’s both complexity and roadblocks provided, encouraged, maintained by the cable industry and TiVo’s ongoing difficulty in the marketing department. Or consumer disinterest. But it’s an absolutely fabulous time to be a TiVo customer.

  4. Happy to see that they are keeping the $150 for lifetime deal going. I had pondered picking up one or 2 additional minis in anticipation for moving before the price goes up. Glad that I didn’t already do so – I didn’t realize the price was until May – I thought it was until Feb – so they could clear out old stock. To bad they don’t include a mounting bracket — though I don’t even see that being offered as an accessory any more.

  5. Thanks! I’ve been holding off on a second Mini for the RF remote. You don’t realize how nice it is not to have to point directly at something until it’s gone.

  6. I’d get one for a remote room if it had wifi. It’s a difficult ethernet run and my poweline adapter doesn’t cut it.

  7. And this sure seems trivial, but it was a little annoying to go back and forth between different button layouts from Roamio to Mini. Having a BACK button will be nice, too. It is a good time to be using TiVo.

  8. Currently using my 2 tuner premier to stream to bedroom. When its TiVo service is up for renewal I’ll jump on this around june

  9. Any word on whether the new RF remote will work with the current Mini? And if so, whether the new remote will be sold separately?

  10. **** Even though it is included, it only works in IR mode****

    I had a chat with Tivo Support:

    Shad: It may come with the remote, but it’s only compatible with the IR mode. We do not have any updated Mini boxes, they are the same as they have been since the release.
    Joe : would that remote work if it had the RF dongle included with the slide pro?
    Shad: The dongle is for the slide remote only, as it’s a different style/type of remote from the standard one.

  11. Michael, the updated TiVo Mini that passed thru the FCC last fall included a refreshed board or chip with that RF. So it may be Slide Pro for you.

    Joe, if that’s accurate well that would seriously suck. At the very least, we know they updated the website last night, reference a different remote in the listing, and the Mini hardware photo has new positioning of the name (which matches the FCC filing that included RF), so hopefully he’s just uninformed. I have a call with TiVo sales/marketing at 1:30PM today and also just fired off an email. I’ll pass along anything I learn.

  12. I think it will come with the updated remote. Here is what is says on the Tivo website under “Mini FAQ”

    What is in the TiVo Mini box?

    1 TiVo Mini
    1 standard TiVo Roamio RF remote (batteries included)

  13. Just had a 30 second call with my contact. He reiterates what Joe’s support rep said. The existing Mini hardware is now shipping with the Roamio RF remote — nothing more. So go cancel your oders and I deeply apologize for getting you fired up. Perhaps TiVo should add something more than “RF Remote” to the updated listing as several of us came to the same incorrect conclusion.

    I tweaked the headline to better reflect the situation, as conveyed to me by TiVo, and added an intro.

  14. Disappointing, but that’s what I would have assumed with “RF Remote” included in the listing. I guess you still get consistent button layout. I am also surprised that the Roamio remote wouldn’t at least work with the RF dongle.

  15. The original Mini WILL work with an RF remote (in RF mode) if you have a dongle from the Slide Pro. I’ve got my mini working with my Roamio remote that was gathering dust when I bought the new Slide.

  16. I have used the RF remote from my Roamio Plus with the RF dongle from my Slide Pro remote on one of my Minis. The Slide Pro is paired with the Roamio Plus directly.
    I wonder why they wouldn’t just include the dongle with the new remote for RF.

  17. Because the ports are so tight on the Mini and it requires the extension? And costs they money? I’ll try to get more detail when I have my “real” call at 1:30PM.

    Good to know on using Slide’s USB dongle with standard Roamio remote. I like how people have repurposed. I only have Slide at my primary viewing location (which is a Mini) and in reality the learning/programmable power button is way more practical than the keyboard that I rarely use.

  18. “in reality the learning/programmable power button is way more practical than the keyboard that I rarely use.”

    Yup. I do wish they’d just make a S5 Glo. I’d buy one the first day it was released, even if it were somewhat pricey. The Glo’s balance and some other subtle points of the UX are so much nicer than the Slide.

    (I also use a S4 Glo with my Roamio, and while it’s obviously missing the RF component, the real problem with it is simply that there is no ‘Back’ button for the Amazon app. Oddly enough, the similarly placed ‘Zoom’ button acts as ‘Back’ for Netflix, but not for Amazon.)

  19. So I didn’t pick up anything further in regards to the Mini after my previously scheduled call with TiVo. I guess we won’t know for certain until someone checks the model number or for RF performance, although two employees is more than one and I suspect it is what it is. For now.

    I did learn TiVo’s affiliate program will be paused shortly while new Marketing personel evalaute their various initiatives and determine the most productive path forward, what resources to throw at them, etc. One possibility is bringing on a dedicated person to drive a future iteration of an affiliate program. Of course, I personally would like to see it return in one form or another.

  20. “But I still pine for a wireless Mini…”

    Next major Mini announcement:

    A software update with full and complete support for WiFi connections, including an easy-peasy throughput diagnostic display for end user troubleshooting … but they’ll ship it with the same hardware Mini.

  21. Just order one because i am switching from media center to tivo. I had already place an order with amazon for 2 mini and plan to return.

    The order from tivo states “TiVo Mini Bundle, Product Lifetime TiVo Mini 2 -TiVo Streaming Device Leo3”

    Think it worth $20 to get the same remote.

  22. Yeah, the folks ordering are getting confirmation for a “TiVo Mini 2” with a product number of *9300 versus the original 9200. So it’s entirely possible that once again the left shark has no idea what the right shark is doing at TiVo. Remember when Roamio OTA was released and we were originally told it wouldn’t work with the Mini and that Lifetime was an option.. then both were reversed? Yeah, could be like that. Will be real interesting to see what product arrives and what it’s capable of. I’ll tweak this post yet again…

  23. Big news. TiVo just pre-announced the TiVo Mini 3 with a product ID ending in 9400.

    It’s got a remote with RF and WiFi capabilities, along with dedicated HBO Go and Showtime Anywhere buttons. In a revolutionary development, the Mini itself is just an empty box.

  24. About time they correct this glaring error.

    But it didn’t make since that Tivo would package the Roamio remote with the Mini1 at this stage with the MIni2 around the corner. I mean they waited this long since the release of the Roamio to actually have the same remote for their entire whole house system. What’s another month or three?

  25. Let me just reiterate how much I miss the old PR team (that relocated to Logitech). They were a pleasure to work with and always got us the right answers in a timely fashion.

  26. LOL – I’m so using this in the future for other companies. (my own included)

    “it’s entirely possible that once again the left shark has no idea what the right shark is doing at TiVo”

  27. I don’t understand why TiVo doesn’t just throw in the USB RF dongle with the Mini. It just seems nuts that they’d ship you an RF remote and not let you use it as an RF remote when they have a piece of cheap equipment that can do just that. Heck let them charge you $5 for it. It would still be worth it.

  28. “I don’t understand why TiVo doesn’t just throw in the USB RF dongle with the Mini.”

    But then the left shark and right shark would be synchronized. And that would lead to all kinds of bad consequences: human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

  29. I’m know I’m person #3,226 to make a genuinely funny joke about Verizon’s lawyers, but (Insert joke here.)

    Look, considering this and civil forfeiture, John Oliver is now America’s Most Influential Critic, and by a reasonably large margin.

    Given that I’m pro-content creators and anti-MSO’s; given the Time-Warner over Verizon symbolism; given the public policy; let’s say I’m pleased. But let’s get the gory details before the celebration…

    (And if this is real, the joy on the wireless side is even more surprising.)

    Dumb pipes today. Dumb pipes tomorrow. Dumb pipes forever!

  30. “Let me just reiterate how much I miss the old PR team (that relocated to Logitech). They were a pleasure to work with and always got us the right answers in a timely fashion.”

    FWIW, while I respect your interest in communications convenience, this is not a PR fiasco. This is a marketing fiasco.

  31. Yeah, the confusion and possible error in one direction or the other would be on marketing proper. I’m more lamtenting that in the past I (and therefore you) had an extremely reliable and efficient channel to get these sorts of questions definitively answered. If they didn’t have the answer, they’d find the product person who did. So while I did get an answer this week, I’m having a hard time squaring it with the contrary evidence.

    For those unaware, I haven’t spoken to TiVo PR (or their agencies) in over two years – it was no longer productive nor fun under the new regime, so we divorced. Although it looks like the guy heading it up may have been reassigned last summer (probably a good thing – he had no background in CE and I can’t be the only one he alienated) and another person jumped ship this year after CES, Perhaps it’s worth revisiting with whomever’s running the show in 2015.

  32. “For those unaware, I haven’t spoken to TiVo PR (or their agencies) in over two years – it was no longer productive nor fun under the new regime, so we divorced.”

    You should have driven a harder bargain in the divorce proceedings. You could’ve gotten full custody of the TiVo mascot. Or at a bare minimum, at least visiting rights…

  33. Reliable sources have now confirmed that the new Mini has been reworked. It’s not just the same hardware with the Roamio RF remote. The new Mini works RF with the Roamio RF remote.

  34. Yah and folks should start receiving the new model today who can chime in. Beyond the integrated RF, wonder if there are any performance improvements, less buzzing, better power cable seating, etc?

  35. “I’ve been told it will “look and act better”. I look forward to hearing the details from TCFers.”

    PR sez: it’s got tail fins for better aerodynamics at high speeds.

    Marketing sez: it’s got a special case that will change colors based on your mood.

    Engineering sez: it’s been sent to the Lee Strasberg school to learn method acting.

    Customer Service sez: it’s been toilet trained.

  36. Based on Sam’s interaction with a TiVo insider, with an assumption that everyone’s now on the same sheet of music at the company, and a confirmation from the forum that RF is active, I’ve taken out the frequently edited addendum/alert and we’re back to my original story. Oh yeah, I also ordered one for myself.

  37. “with an assumption that everyone’s now on the same sheet of music at the company … I’ve taken out the frequently edited addendum/alert and we’re back to my original story”

    Fine, Dave.

    Take all of the wondrous magical realism out of this very special episode from TiVoLand, and reduce it to quotidian documentary.

    I hope you’re happy with yourself.

  38. “and we’re back to my original story”

    Might I suggest a headline change to “TiVo Mini Now RF Enabled”…

  39. I am so ready to hide my mini away in a cabinet. The blinking ethernet port on the back looks like constantly bright lightning strikes when it is dark in my bedroom at night when I am trying to sleep! Then again I should just cover the light with something ;)

  40. Are these shipping now or are they “on hold” and just gathering the orders until they physically have the hardware to ship? I’m asking because i just ordered 4 and will need them in the next week or so for a biz office renovation that’s nearly complete.
    Thanks – Alex

  41. Yes, they’re shipping. At least one person on the forum already received and mine is en route – supposedly will arrive tomorrow.

  42. Got mine and updated the photo up top – it’s like .2 or .3 ounces lighter, as Chucky cited. We know some of the guts are different, but that’s probably small enough to be more/less solder. ;) Label on the box and the unit says 93000 versus the original’s 92000 as expected (plus all my purchase/shipping info says Mini 2). The power cable in the new one is more firmly seated in the AC jack. Of course, there’s also that RF Roamio remote. I didn’t mess much with it, but it worked from outside the room and behind the Mini – I assume that’s confirmation.

    I’ll take a closer look in about a week, will bring my Vizio test TV up to the bedroom TV and run v1 and v2 side-by-side to see if there’s any performance differences. Only possible hitch is that the new one isn’t on the latest (OnePass) software.

  43. “Only possible hitch is that the new one isn’t on the latest (OnePass) software.”

    Not enough solder to run OnePass, quite obviously.

    Better gas mileage in exchange for no OnePass is a very bad tradeoff for engineering to make. Seems worthless to me. I’d advise just trashing it.

  44. Does the one on Amazon have lifetime service? It sounds like it does from the description but it doesn’t mention it specifically

  45. All TiVo Minis purchased thru May 4th should absolutely include Lifetime service. What happens after May, who knows. I assume the experiment has been a success as they extended from the original January end date.

  46. “All TiVo Minis purchased thru May 4th should absolutely include Lifetime service.”

    So, if you purchase via Amazon, does it include Lifetime Prime too? Cuz that’d be a real value.

  47. Love the new redesign very fresh. Also just ordered new Mini 2 from Amazon and this is a steal, FREE SHIPPING & NO TAX, I am in FLORIDA so maybe I got lucky, but TIVO and AMAZON always charge me tax.

  48. Ok so new Tivo Mini 2 arrived and it is awesome. So far I noticed that I no longer have Infinity On Demand but maybe it takes a day or two before it shows up. Remote works great with Mini tucked behind TV, performance wise I can not tell the difference but I only used it for 15 min so far.

  49. OK it is official new TIVO MINI 2 is pretty awesome. It actually feels more responsible bit faster to me. XFINITY ON DEMAND showed up yesterday so I guess it just took it some time to show up. Things appears to work as expected REMOTE feels great just like TIVO ROAMIO’s Remote. My last test will be to try and play something using ON DEMAND since with my other TIVO MINI I had issues connecting to ON DEMAND from time to time, it would always load then when I tried to play a movie I would hear SOUND yet video would not appear and then error would show up, only fix was to literally REBOOT TIVO MINI and it worked again. I hope TIVO MINI 2 has resolve that issue if not then maybe SOFTWARE UPDATE is needed. I did change how I connect to the main unit TIVO ROAMIO using authentication while before no authentication was setup (12 digit password) so maybe this will resolve it and it is possible that option when used with TIVO MINI would have worked as well. Will report back in few days.

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