TiVo Headquarters Photographed

In response to various requests, I sent secret agent Joe Smith on a mission to photograph TiVo headquarters in Alviso, California. And if these don’t satisfy the stalker in you, check out Corporate Interiors for additional pics.

6 thoughts on “TiVo Headquarters Photographed”

  1. Gosh, I don’t think anyone has called Hwy 237 “Mountain View-Alviso Fwy” or “Alviso-Milpitas Road” in 30 years!

  2. Yeah, just 237 to me. You can see TiVo when you’re driving on the freeway, which is always something fun to watch for For other’s reference Palm and I think Broadcom is basically across the freeway and there are no buildings N. (maybe N.W.) of TiVo until you hit “the bay.”

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