TiVo Relaunches Internet Affiliate Program


After a several year hiatus, TiVo is once again offering Internet entrepreneurs bounties for hardware and service sales… which may or may not be related to their newly appointed CMO. Whereas TiVo previously ran with the pricey Commission Junction, and featured something like $60 commissions, the new program is hosted by Share-A-Sale and storms out of the gate with pretty hefty kickbacks for those affiliate links and banners:

Our affiliate program is providing a $100 bounty for the sale of any Roamio DVR, which range in price from $199 to $599, plus service. Sales of other products on tivo.com are compensated at a 10% commission rate.

Of course, a variety of web sites and services derive a percent of their revenue via affiliate marketing (including yours truly), and I imagine this sort initiative has the potential to expand online conversation. Who knows, maybe it’s even enough incentive to get Megazone to once again fire up his blogwriter.

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  1. Timing could be pretty good… had been percolating a ‘1 year with TiVo Mini’ post. ;) (Also considering a ‘9 months on T-Mobile’ post — it won’t be pretty.)

  2. I would like to see both posts. I have had a Mini for about 6 months now and I have been generally happy. Only thing I don’t like is when I have to go to the main unit to change a setting that affects the Mini (channel lineup, video providers, etc.). They should change it so the local experience is identical to the remote experience, but that is my personal thought. As for T-Mobile, my wife and I have had them for a little over a year now. I haven’t had any issues with them while in NoVA. The one thing that I have noticed that could be a better experience is when I go on trips. I have family in NE Ohio, so the trip through MD and PA there is little data service. Same for the business trip I made down to Raleigh, NC. In both destinations, things are fine. Just no data between. (1G or 2G is pretty much unusable, especially on the highway.) I don’t use a whole lot of data regularly, so it wasn’t a big deal. I am curious to hear about your experience. I am contemplating moving to someone like AT&T now that their pricing has come down (especially out of contract pricing). For me AT&T service would wind up costing about the same as my T-Mobile service since I have family members who are already on AT&T (and it would get cheaper for them if we joined them).

    As for an on topic comment. Would this mean the return of things like Fatwallet cash back for Tivo?

  3. The application seemed to imply that they don’t endorse the sort of Fatwallet scheme you’re proposing. But maybe they just want it documented.

    Regarding T-Mobile, you’re NoVA experience sounds way better than mine. The majority of my calls drop and there are just too many spots where I get no or limited data. I think the short term solution is to unlock my phone and try putting it on my mom’s AT&T account to ensure the bands are there as advertised. If that works, I’ll move my wife similarly and then take over billing of mom’s account. (Whereas the originally plan was to have the three of us on T-Mobile.)

    Pretty happy with the Mini, other than no Amazon Prime. It’s quite sprightly and gets the job done with minimal noise and clutter. While flipping on the TV from the TiVo remote takes the Mini out of it’s screensaver mode, I’d prefer it drop me into live TV rather than the menu. But that’s a minor complaint.

  4. Assuming I’m approved… we shall see. Related, more inside baseball, I’m in talks with a new ad network and gearing up for a two week trial. Shouldn’t change things here, other than perhaps one more banner unit to meet their traffic requirements. I could also probably meet it by writing more. ;)

  5. I don’t think I had ever used the Fatwallet cash back on Tivo, but I was just curious. I used to check it to make sure there wasn’t some great deal.

    As for T-Mobile, I could definitely see how it could be like that for some people. I haven’t had many drops (unless in a metal building, but I would drop w/ Verizon there as well). In some ways I am hesitant to switch, because they have definitely driven the industry to change and I won’t get cheaper (probably the same, but not cheaper) elsewhere. However, going elsewhere could save others money. I might ask my family if they want to try T-Mobile and if it works out then they would save a ton of money. I had tried having my brother in law in NE Ohio try switching. They don’t live in the super dense parts and it didn’t work out for him, unfortunately.

    It is funny that you mention the Mini not going to Live TV. I had noticed that, but for the most part I never use mine for Live TV. At first it felt odd, but then I realized it didn’t matter much for my usage pattern. I presume they wanted to prevent using a tuner when it wasn’t necessary.

  6. “Related, more inside baseball, I’m in talks with a new ad network and gearing up for a two week trial.”

    I certainly hope that won’t kill the auto-redirects to app stores. As a non-JavaScript surfer, I’ve enjoyed reading about those, as it’s made me feel an undeserved superiority…

  7. Auto-direct ads only seems to happen on mobile. The biggest or maybe only offender is King.com (think Candy Crush and that ilk) and I’ve tried to exclude their ads. Not sure how/if the new guys do mobile.

  8. “Approved! Buy your TiVo Roamios here”

    Are you allowed to disclose your cut? (I’ve got easier ways to buy, but I’ll throw the biz your way if it’s enough bucks for you to make sense.)

    And in exchange for your cut, can you provide me pre-sales in letting me know just what functionality I’ll lose by using a S4 remote? I sorta need a programmable remote, and I worry exactly what functionality I’ll lose by not having the “back’ button. Will I not be able to have a happy Netflix experience, (which means I’ll likely not have a happy Amazon experience, whenever that happens)? Will I not have a happy YouTube/Facebook experience? Will everything but CableCARD not be a happy experience without the ‘back’ button?

    (I’ll probably still upgrade to Roamio, even if most non-CableCARD services are lost for me because of TiVo’s loathsome refusal to sell a programmable remote, but I’d still like to know ahead of time to calculate the trade-offs.)

  9. Sadly, the new affiliate program will shortly become the old affiliate program.

    Thank you very much for your participation in the TiVo affiliate program. The program has been an important part of TiVo’s greater marketing efforts. Regrettably, however, this letter is to inform you that as the result of some recent changes in the direction of TiVo’s digital marketing strategy, we will be suspending the affiliate program. The effective end date and time of the program is 11:59:59 p.m., Pacific Time (“PT”), on Friday, March 6th, 2015. […] We hope that the TiVo affiliate program has been of beneficial value to you. We will certainly reach out in the future should there be a new program that we potentially see as a mutually rewarding opportunity.

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