TiVo Wants You To Know Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

tivo-hatWhile the official TiVo blog generally engages in trivial (and bizarre) marketing, they’ve taken to WordPress this week to cover something far more significant in CableCARD. And, while cable companies like Time Warner and Charter will soon (12/15) be able to provide set-tops without integrated CableCARDs, TiVo reassures us that these companies remain on the hook to provide CableCARD support for third party solutions… like TiVo. Further, TiVo and Comcast have agreed to something vaguely communicated which the DVR pioneer believes further ensures solid ongoing Xfinity support.

Of course, many ZNF readers probably share my skepticism that “support” equates “good” or “sufficient” support with minimal roadblocks. Plus, for TiVo, the clock is ticking with their patent protection and licensing payments sunsetting in 2018. Which is why they’re looking to the next thing in a digital CableCARD replacement (as we’ve collectively been discussing since 2005) hoping to empower the TiVo UI in a way that tru2way and the NCTA-backed DLNA CVP-2 might not.

Furthermore, the legislation that repealed the integration ban requires the FCC to form a technical advisory committee by mid-January 2015 to identify and recommend a software-based downloadable security system to promote the competitive availability of retail devices to receive cable programming. On December 4, 2014, the FCC released a public notice seeking nominations for the Downloadable Security Technical Advisory Committee (DSTAC). The DSTAC must file a report with the FCC by September 4, 2015 to detail its findings and recommendations. TiVo has submitted a nomination and hopes to participate in this process.

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  1. Yeah. TiVo’s conclusions track reasonably closely to my own perceptions. We’re moving from the Golden Age of CableCARD to the Silver Age.

    Personally, I’ve always insisted on not going lifetime on my TiVo gear, even if it costs me a bit more, as I’ve always liked incentivizing them to support existing customers over the long-term.

    But regardless of that general preference, the recent (abominable) Congressional changes removed much of the financial incentive for me to go lifetime on my (very happy) Roamio purchase.


    Also, have you had ZNF Legal send TiVo a cease and desist letter on claiming their blog to be the “official” TiVo blog? ZNF is, quite indisputably, the “official” TiVo blog. And while their blog is a fine 3rd party effort, it’s incumbent upon you to protect your intellectual property rights.

    Also, also, that TiVo graphic is quite superb. Your creation? If so, kudos. And while I know the cap is intended to indicate longevity, I think it should include the friendly mascot also holding a Pabst Blue Ribbon can. That way you can hit both ‘longevity’ and ‘hipster’ in a single shot…

  2. “Yah, I ‘shopped that for this in 2012.”

    If only I had commented on that particular thread, I’m sure I would’ve remembered it.

    “And here’s another TiVo hat I did in 2007.”

    An uncanny and amazing prophesy of the tequila post. You should consider taking your first trip to Vegas, just so you can play the sports books and get unbelievably rich…

    (And not a criticism, but I just wanted to note that your vacation destinations of cruise ships, Vegas, and Disney clearly marks you as The Most American Person In America.)

  3. Chucky, pretty sure you’re not following close enough… ;)


    But Vegas, Disney, and cruises are easy – as realaxing or streneous as our mood strikes with no planning required (and everything is open regardless of holiday). Not sure where New Orleans falls on the spectrum, but assuming my leg is better in a few weeks, we’re repurposing our cancelled CES airfare for the Big Easy – I haven’t been since before Katrina.

  4. It’s not new and something of a red herring… that’s the effective rate if you take service one year at a time vs month to month which remains $15 unless you get in on a zero deal which bumps it to $20. It’s also not available to Roamio OTA. Let’s confuse them at every turn!

  5. “Chucky, pretty sure you’re not following close enough…”

    I take it all back.

    Once you’re out of the full body cast, and once when you get past the long wheelchair period, you should also consider Barcelona and Japan. (And you might want to do Japan soon. Always an expensive destination, but the yen has dropped like a rock of late…) Normally, I’d recommend Thailand too, but I don’t want to support the coup.

  6. CEA is actually holding an event in Japan in February or March… but it’s only a couple hour affair. The 3 day CEA/CES event in Shanghai in May looks more substantial. But beyond the normally high airfare (times two), what kills me is limited PTO and losing time due to travel. My wife’s been to Barcelona and it’s been on my list for years. But can’t go during Mobile World Congress as prices are inflated and that’s a city/region I’d really like to explore.

  7. “My wife’s been to Barcelona and it’s been on my list for years. But can’t go during Mobile World Congress as prices are inflated and that’s a city/region I’d really like to explore.”

    Another destination you might want to consider soon. Until just about now, Barcelona has had retail rent control, and it’s removal is going to destroy much of the charm pretty quickly. Though the region’s transformation will be a lot slower. Ever since reading all the Roberto Bolaño in existence, I’ve really wanted to go back to check out destinations North of the city.

    (Retail rent control. What a concept! If NYC had it, Manhattan wouldn’t be rapidly moving down its current hellscape trajectory. As with all smart New Yorkers, we’ve got the wondrous residential rent control, but all the amazing stuff around us is rapidly going away…)

  8. “It’s not new and something of a red herring … Let’s confuse them at every turn!”

    As always, I strongly support the ‘airline pricing’ model TiVo uses. Gouge the nescient, and reward the researchers and existing customers.

    (Even though I didn’t qualify for it, I especially love the 10 year loyalty deal. The friendly TiVo mascot runs around wildly spreading good karma.)

  9. @Dave,

    Talk to me if you want to work on getting free miles and points thru credit card churning. I can give you a basic intro.

  10. Thanks, Glenn. Our normal card, aside from churn/manipulation, is a fee-free Hilton Amex and we’ve enjoyed ton of free stays here and abroad – so much easier to book reward lodging versus airfare plus Executive club access. Having said that, I’m currently working two Southwest cards to earn a companion pass probably in March and good thru the end of 2016. Not many destinations outside the US and mostly connecting flights out of IAD, but there’s something about this perk that appeals to me. (And I’ve cycled thru several United cards over the years, purely for signup bonuses.) After that goal is met, I’ll hit you up.

    Chucky, not sure why I didn’t think to mention it sooner, but ZNF was actually a personal webpage with a primary purpose of sharing my travel photos with friends and family before it became a blog. Here’s a screen grab from late 2004:


  11. “Chucky, not sure why I didn’t think about it yesterday, but ZNF was actually a personal webpage with a primary purpose of sharing my travel photos with friends and family.”

    It was a personal “time warp” of your vacations. Time for another cease and desist letter from ZNF Legal…

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