Analog Placeshifting Experiment Results

coaster1.jpgThose of you following along already know I failed in my attempts to remain disconnected while on vacation. The Marriott upgraded us to the Executive floor which included access to a lounge area with food, drink, and Internet. Though I may have checked out a few of my regular websites and verified touristy stuff, I did manage to stay completely off email (and phone). And boy was it relaxing.

I was generally pleased with the Fuji FinePix F30 loaner. My Panasonic Lumix may produce slightly better color (though I’m no expert), but the Fuji really shined when it came to motion. The camera managed to focus and fire quick enough to catch everything I threw at it, including the Tivoli Gardens roller coaster to the right. The Lumix would have produced a blur at best, and likely would have missed the shot altogether. Look for a complete F30 review over on LiveDigitally in the near future.

In other Danish tech news, I cornered a UK business traveler on the elevator. He had the cutest looking GPS I’ve ever seen – the small, sleek Fujitsu LOOX N100. It makes my Mio DigiWalker look like a boat. How come the coolest Fujitsu stuff remains overseas?