Shooting 720p Video with the Sony DSC-WX1

As previously mentioned, Sony has provided a DSC-WX1 digital camera ($350) to participate in an upcoming blogger panorama photo contest. Of course, the WX1 also happens to take traditional digital still pictures (which we’ll get to). And shoot 720p HD video. Any multipurpose device like this would have a hard time competing with a higher-end dedicated video camera when it comes to image quality. However, for the occasional clip, the convenience of being able to capture HD video from your pocketable digital camera is hard to beat.

While evaluating the WX1 during my recent trip to Munich, I shot a trio of vacation videos (links below) under some difficult conditions. Fast moving water above, an evening scene through plate glass, and a belly flop while completely zoomed in from a couple hundred yards away. So it’s safe to assume your typical family event shot at normal distance under normal lighting should look better. Also, keep in mind, it’s highly likely YouTube has transcoded these MP4 videos in some manner. (Click the HD icon while viewing for the higher res versions.) The videos:


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  1. Glad you had some fun with the Sony Cybershot DSC-WX1! Enjoyed seeing your panoramic photos on and this video takes it to a whole other level. You captured some great moments.

    Congrats on the contest win too!

    Sony Electronics

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