TiVo Summer Update Released (without Android streaming)


TiVo’s summer update (20.4.2) has started rolling out. As expected, headlining the visual changes are a new customizable 3-column My Shows view and the release of the TiVo Roamio UI onto Premiere and Mini hardware. Along with the refreshed Premiere interface, is a bullet-worthy speed bump – already confirmed by one of our community peers. From TiVo’s new Service Updates page:

  • Updated, modern design: Premiere’s HD interface has a fresh, new look and feel
  • Zippier performance within TiVo menus: Navigate through Premiere menus quicker so you can find what you want faster
  • New categories in My Shows: Categories in My Shows automatically organize your recordings by genre so you can find a recording faster than ever
  • On-demand and web app options now in Guide: You’re no longer limited to live TV when browsing the Guide. With on-demand and web app options now included, browse shows from yesterday, today or tomorrow and watch them anytime with the click of a button

Sadly, as to Android streaming, TiVo VP Margret Schmidt has confirmed that TiVo Roamio and Stream owners will not receive the feature via this particular update. Yet signs indicate we may be getting close…

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  1. We can probably thank RCN’s Jason Nealis for helping TiVo see the light in unifying the Premiere and Roamio experience. Beyond the UI, it’s real nice that folks with these older DVRs receive a notable performance boost. Now about Amazon and Android…

  2. @Anthony F, just keep dreaming man it’s what makes life interesting..but, you might start switching to a different more realistic dream. ;-)

  3. Why should Amazon instant streaming be an unrealistic dream? If Tivo already supports the Amazon downloads, why is adding their streaming service/protocol/API so difficult? Or is it not worth the marginal few extra Prime subscriptions for Amazon to do it? At this rate, it will end up on Apple TV before it does on Tivo…

  4. This is getting kinda ridiculous. I ended up buying a Slingbox because I got tired of waiting for Android support on the Roamio. They really should make it a priority.

  5. I don’t really understand “On-demand and web app options now in Guide”. Are we supposed to see non-time-specific web shows like Tekzilla in the Guide somewhere? I’m not seeing any web app options.

  6. My May post foreshadowing this update has a pic (bottom right) of what it looks like now and speculation of what may be coming down the pike given a recent filing. Basically, it’s deep linking shows into apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and probably on-demand content for folks tapped into Xfinity On Demand or running rental TiVos like RCN. Not sure it has much value yet…

  7. No potato salad integration?!?!? How many years do we have to wait for simple potato salad integration? This ain’t rocket science. Just a basic API between the DVR and the mayo…


    “Beyond the UI, it’s real nice that folks with these older DVRs receive a notable performance boost.”

    Most definitely. Like all sane folks, I skipped S4, but it genuinely reassures me in the fundamental goodness of the happy TiVo mascot that if I’d been silly enough to buy an S4, that eventually TiVo would make good on making it run properly.

  8. Wouldn’t Android streaming be an app update anyway rather than an update in the TiVo box’s code, just hooking into the existing code for iOS streaming?

  9. Chris, I expect both Roamio and Stream will receive updates in conjunction with expanded iOS streaming and a new Android app with new encoding profiles and whatnot. iOS streaming is still limited to WiFi for example, and changes are needed to comply with Apple policies for cellular streaming. Also, I believe our streams still proxy thru TiVo’s servers and ultimately that will be replaced by a dynamic DNS service just for handshake as implemented via a Slingbox.

  10. A good reason to keep a PC. You can download the MPEG file onto your PC and then play it in full HD.

  11. Well, nice, as far as it goes. I really want Amazon Prime.

    And I’d like Air Play support so I could stream content from my iOS to the TiVo, but I doubt that will ever happen.

    One of my personal needs is the ability to mute the TiVo sound using the mute button. My audio receiver is not supported for the mute button only on the TiVo remote. Grrrr. I’d like the option for TiVo to just mute the box’s audio output when mute is hit.

    The last thing I want isn’t up to TiVo alone and will never happen. I want the on-demand services that my cable company includes in my monthly fee if I didn’t have a TiVo. They could do this with an App. They do it on their iPad app. But I’m in my mid 40s and I prefer watching TV on TV, not in little window on my computer. (Yes I can go full screen but I want to use the computer to do other things while I watch.) Unfortunately, I have Time Warner Cable, a company that is so greedy they lock down most channels so they don’t download. So I have no hope that they will ever get smart and offer streaming apps.

    I’d also like to see a TV version of the TCM app for TiVo.

  12. bbock: Go buy yourself a Roku and you can use Time Warner’s free app to view OnDemand content there. It’s all the same OnDemand you can view from them on an iOS device. I only have a 2-tuner TiVo so I use it to supplement when I can’t record something. It’s also a nice 3rd-tuner for live TV (no local channels, though).

  13. Well, this is a pretty underwhelming update. Thing only good thing I can say is that all you need is custom tagging and categories and then it basically becomes profiles.

  14. Thanks, but I’m looking to have FEWER set-top boxes, not more. I have a TiVo Mini in the bedroom precisely because I don’t want to have a regular Tivo and a tuning adapter. So if Roku can do a streaming app for TWC, then why can’t/won’t TiVo? I’m assuming they, and TWC, are waiting for the merger to happen. So I could end up going years.

  15. “bbock: Go buy yourself a Roku … Thanks, but I’m looking to have FEWER set-top boxes, not more. I have a TiVo Mini in the bedroom precisely because I don’t want to have a regular Tivo and a tuning adapter.”

    But the Roku’s footprint is pretty damn minimal, y’know. And we do live in a two-box world, and will likely continue to, even if TiVo amps up its OTT game in the future. (And given the radically differing replacement cycles between DVR’s and OTT boxes, it’s probably better that way.) But back to the point here: a TiVo Mini plus a Roku isn’t going to overwhelm the space in your bedroom. It’s a noticeably more minimal footprint than a regular TiVo and tuning adapter…

    Tangentially, Roku outsold Apple TV by 2 to 1 in the US last year! Woo-hoo! Who woulda thunk it? Not me.


    “One of my personal needs is the ability to mute the TiVo sound using the mute button. My audio receiver is not supported for the mute button only on the TiVo remote.”

    This is why I find the decision to not release a S5 learning remote to be utterly unconscionable. I use my pre-S5 Glo remote mute button to control my audio receiver via the learning function.

  16. Margret has posted release notes (thanks!) of new features and bug fixes. I posted one interesting bullet below:


    * The UI is now written in Haxe instead of Adobe Air/Flash, which is why things are faster than in 20.4.1

    Also, next update appears to be pencilled in for September-ish. Is that when we’ll finally see Android streaming or is there something equally as coming on the horizon?


  17. That is pretty impressive / amazing if they re-wrote the entire UI in a new code base. It is good to see they are willing to go to that level of work. Two bad we had to burn 2+ years of wasted effort on the Adobe platform.

  18. “The UI is now written in Haxe instead of Adobe Air/Flash, which is why things are faster than in 20.4.1”

    Haxe for the m*th*rf*ck*ng win!

    That’s better than LeBron, and LeBron is as good as the hype.

  19. “Boy, do I love me some TiVo hypotheticals! Xbox One, Fire TV?”

    Why not Roku? (Non-rhetorical question, fwiw.)

  20. Roku developers have pretty limited capabilities, compared to say crafting a full-on Android app, relying on Roku’s HLS-based SDK/API. I’m sure it can be done, but it’d have to be done differently. And I did see a cloud-based proof of concept TiVo interface running on Roku about a year ago.

  21. Still no update to my TiVo’s and no priority sign up for this one. I guess I’ll get this update next year.

  22. I put myself on it a couple of days ago and got the update yesterday. Looks quite nice on my Premiere. Performance still seems *meh* since it lacks Da Snap but I am guessing this upgrade will significantly decrease Da Lag that sometimes creeps in. Nice job overall, Tivo.

  23. I still think that the whole Android streaming thing has nothing to do with the hardware and is entirely the Android app that dictates it. I mean the Android app is still using the old design that the iOS app had back in May before the 3.3 update, so it’s entirely possible that when they refresh the look of the Android app they’ll add the streaming capability since there’s not even an option for it there.

  24. Hopefully the Android app gets snappier too, it feels quite sluggish on my phone and I have a Nexus 5…

  25. Well according to the folks at TiVo Community Forums, there’s going to be a lot of changes coming in September. I’m betting a better app for both iOS and Android along with the Android streaming.

  26. I’m getting tired of waiting for Android streaming on Tivo. I bought the Roku but discovered it won’t work overseas… Also the Android app isn’t downloadable overseas either! Whatever happened to “watch your TV from anywhere”, Sling Media? Bring back the Slingcatcher, it was ahead of it’s time!

  27. Just got an so update this morning for Tivo. It contains streaming. Description said it is a beta. Anyway, I tried it and it works!

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