Roku Apps Updated To Beam Photos & Tunes


Roku has updated their free Android and iPhone apps with “Play on Roku” — a new feature to beam local photos and music to your television screen via Roku media streamers ($50 and up). I took the photo sharing feature a quick spin under iOS 6 and it works as advertised. In fact, I’d say it’s nicely polished for a v1, including the ability to launch album slideshows using various transitions and speed options. Although I did experience one crash and the app seems to continuously communicate, even when returning to the typical remote control functionality. Exclusive to the Android app (for now?), users can “change the channel” via voice. While there are indications that Roku intends to continue expanding their second screen initiative, no word yet on Apple AirPlay-esque video streaming or screen sharing.

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  1. At the very least albums and I assume photostream, too. I’m just lazy and keep most of my pics all in one humongo album.

    Also, Roku’s PR agency just confirmed video and other enhancements are in the pipeline for the mobile apps, but obviously they’re not ready to share the details yet. Roku’s definitely the best value in this space.

  2. Thanks! I’ll need to check this out. Three new Apps for the Roku I’ve found recently that I can use.
    and now this one.

    My Roku2 boxes are going to be getting a workout the next few days. Especially now that VUDU is available.

  3. I loaded up Vudu this AM, but haven’t really tested it. Funny how the splash screen says 1080p and 7.1 audio as my Roku LT can’t do anything close to that. ;) This feature is sort of a reverse channel/app, as there’s nothing to manually load on the Roku itself – it’s obviously built into the OS and pushed via the phone app. In fact, if you’re in a channel and tap the Play on Roku, it dumps you to the main Roku dashboard.

  4. What is this app called in the Play store? I only see the basic Roku App for a remote control with an Android phone.

  5. I thought Roku boxes were DLNA compliant, can you use an app like Twonky to send local pics and video, then stream YouTube videos?

  6. I tried out the streaming pictures and streaming music on my two ROkU2 boxes last night from my cell phone and my Kindle FireHD. The streaming worked very well. It was very quick. It started in a split second after selecting a picture or a song.

    The only issue I ran across was with some of my music purchased from Amazon. Some songs wouldn’t play the on the ROkU2. I have no idea why since there is no DRM and the 256Kb/s bitrate played without issue from some other songs I got from Amazon. Aside from that the streaming pictures and music worked great.

    Thanks again for the heads up!!

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