More Slingbox iPad App Details

We’re still not quite there… but getting closer to the highly anticipated SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad ($30).

As previously discussed, this isn’t an enhanced iPhone Slingbox client – but rather an entirely new app that’s reworked to stream at the more efficient (for Apple devices) H.264. Additionally, I’ve confirmed with Sling Media that the maximum native resolution has been upped to 640×480.

As you can see above or below, the iPad SlingPlayer UI is quite different from what we currently see within the iPhone app. The video perimeter looks like it can get pretty busy with buttons. However, it beats dropping them on top of video content and a simple tap seems to clears them at will. Additionally, unlike what we saw at the iPhone client launch, this iPad app appears to ship with a full complement of aspect ratio toggles. Perhaps it’s heresy, but (on screen sizes these small) I prefer stretching and cropping to black bars. So I’m happy to see them fill the entire 10″ iPad display with video. Lastly, there’s a new EPG for navigating live content.

While the upcoming SlingPlayer iPad app isn’t an Universal build, I’ve learned that Sling’s existing iPhone client will see an upgrade in the near future — delivering some of these iPad features, including both the new guide and H.264 streaming. Which may mean some of you will need to upgrade to current Slingbox hardware (SOLO, PRO-HD) to partake.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad release date and the software hasn’t yet been submitted to the App Store for review. However, Sling intends to do so “in the very near future” once they work through a few lingering items… like what streaming resolution they’ll facilitate over 3G (versus WiFi). In fact, they assure me the app will “definitely” be available this year.

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  1. I really hope that a iPhone client update becomes a reality. The client really needs an update. When other live video streaming apps like UStream provide better video quality you know something is wrong. Also I hope they don’t charge another $30 for the upgrade.

    As it is, I don’t really use the iPhone Slingplayer app all that much since it doesn’t work very well with DVRs, what with the rebuffering on every action and the blurring of text on HD inputs. I’m hoping H.264 will help with the later. Looking at the iPad video, I’m not holding my breath on something better for the former.

  2. 640×480 is a bit of a disappointment. Vulkano streams at 720×480 and people already complain it isn’t as good as expected.

  3. True, but there’s more to video quality than pixel count. Additionally, the top resolution of the iPad is only 1024×768 and SOLO streaming maxes out at 640×480. For comparison, Vulkano/HAVA placeshifters max out at 720×480 and the PRO-HD does HD resolutions.

  4. i can’t live without my slingbox on my ipad and iphone. do you think they will ever have a slingbox that supports hdmi or is the copy protection that issue why it won’t ever exist

  5. I have an iPad using the Sling iPhone app. I suspect that I will now have to pay another $30 for the iPad app. I also learned that the Slingbox Pro will not support the new iPad app. If I have to pay for another app AND box again I’m done with Sling and switching to Hava.

  6. Matrat, yep you’ll have to pay for the iPad app and upgrade if you want to stick with Sling. But if you’re looking for an alternative, instead of the older generation HAVA products, I’d get the lower-end Vulkano which is a pure placeshifter:

    itay2, I believe the new $99 DISH-centric Sling Adapter is not currently compatible with these versions of Sling and DISH mobile clients. Maybe Scott can shed some light on that…

  7. If the resolution is 640X480 then will the solo resolution be the same as the Pro HD on ipad? If so I might go with the solo which will cost me 179 less 50 dollars for retiring my now dead slingbox original.

  8. I own two Slings, a Pro and an AV, both blocked in the app from connecting. Everytime a post to Slings forum is placed their mods delete. I have been so happy for my Slings, which are placed in the US, while I am in Europe, However, this latest scam will cause me to never recommend them again. If the Sling logic held true, then my new laptop with Full HD should not be allowed to connect either, but it actually does. Take a look thru the discussions to see all the probelems they are having with this HD, before you invest in this.Most people are not seeing any HD video at all. Most people do not have the upstream bandwidth to stream HD either. It seems like a scam to get people to purchase a new disposable peace of hardware that will be obsolete as soon as a new fancy device, like the IPAD comes out.
    Yes I am disappointed, because I was looking forward to this app for a while now.

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