iPhone Slingbox Client Arrives: WiFi Only, $30

Channeling Dave’s Twitter feed here on ZNF…


  • Looks like the Slingbox iPhone embargo has been broken. Yes, Apple (& maybe AT&T) had it neutered. WiFi streaming only. $30, get it tmrw.
  • I’ve been running the pre-release SlingPlayer for a month or so now. Will blog more thoughts in the AM.
  • One more thing – Sling saw our pushback… All models of Slingbox will work with the iPhone client. No need to upgrade hardware.
  • @blam Dunno. I thought $20 would be a more reasonable price point. Drive hardware sales and make a little money. Then again, $40 would have been worse than $30.
  • @muhlman If they ever switch from WMV to H.264 on the iPhone client, you’ll be happy you have the newer hardware.
  • @muhlman Yep, agreed. Maybe we’ll have better luck on Sprint with the Pre. Sling tells me they’re deep in talks with Palm & feeling positive
  • @kermit24 Let me direct you to the AT&T rep that talks about banning the Slingbox from your network: http://bit.ly/TFmtk
  • AT&T doesn’t really mind 3G video streaming. They just want us to buy *theirs*. If all the cool apps are WiFi only, I don’t need AT&T do I?
  • Retweet @saschasegan: our review says iPhone Sling has surprisingly blah video quality.
  • @saschasegan Sling tells me 16:9 video will properly fill the iPhone screen in a future release.
  • Unfortunately, they wouldn’t commit on the possibility of a portrait mode for dockable viewing.
  • One last Sling iPhone tweet, then I’m done: The UI is slow and using it pauses streaming – shoehorning WMV onto this platform takes a toll.
  • The voipover3G iPhone jailbreak app might allow 3G slinging. And Skype, too. But I’d rather just switch to a phone/carrier that respects me. (Does one exist?)

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12 thoughts on “iPhone Slingbox Client Arrives: WiFi Only, $30”

  1. AT&T clearly isn’t blocking it because of bandwidth issues. I mean, you have to invest close to $200 just to use SlingPlayer Mobile on the iPhone. It’s not like anyone can download the app and use it. Btw, it sucks for international users that don’t use AT&T. I guess AT&T rules above all other phone companies.

  2. If it really was AT&T, why isn’t streaming blocked ONLY on AT&T’s network and allowed on other carriers?

  3. I do think its a good move that Sling made this work with all sling hardware. But a thought: Do you think that if the origional hardware restrictions (newer Slingbox models only) would have stood, they the video quality would have been better?

  4. kermit24, Apple has said all along they would limit higher bandwidth apps from using the phone networks. And if AT&T also pushed back, you can bet it’d be blocked across the board – we have more liberal data plans here in the US than abroad.

    In that link above AT&T’s spokesperson says Sling’s prohibited from their network – because iPhones are computers. These one-way contracts boggle the mind though – how can they continually change the terms, yet I’m still locked in for two years?

    Regarding video quality, the iPhone displays the same 320×240 stream that all other mobile devices max out at. However, the widescreen content doesn’t fill the screen and 4:3 looks better. As also seen on some of the other clients. Interacting with the Slingbox and app feels more sluggish than on some other devices which I’m attributing to the extra overheard of iPhone WMV decoding.

    But it’s the WiFi-only that kills it for me.

  5. Tell me why does Orb have the accception. It does same thing as sling. It just looks like there are alot more sling users then orb users. So mad at AT&T about this. Looks like I am going to unlock my iphonethis morning and see if I can get 3g to work. I think slung is goig to notice that many users do not download the app and they will discount it in the next couple weeks. The only app that is worth 29.99 is Logmein. That is the bet app going for high price. Well worth the money and works on 3g.

  6. I think the Orb streaming emphasizes Apple’s willy nilly review process. Some things get through, while higher profile things (Skype, Sling) get extra attention and do not.

  7. well i know there are a lot of ipod touch owners who are happy to at least get wifi and not have to buy a new slingbox… i think overall sling saved -enough- face on this one

  8. Huge letdown!
    I’ve been waiting for the new Iphone in June and Sling was at the top of my wishlist as far as apps go. I’ve already got a touch and hate trying to find Wifi!

    Probably a waste but would love suggestions on who we should direct our emails/letters to. Let’s vent to AT&T how much they’ve let us down….again.

  9. Dear Sling, I was going to buy one of your units, but now I refuse. The day the iPhone app works over the 3G network, you will get my money and not before.

  10. I need help I am wanting to buy a sling box for an iphone. One rep told me it will work with the iphone and another told me no because it was tethering. Which is true? Can my iphone get a football game or not from the sling box?

  11. Angela, Your iPhone can view video streaming from a Slingbox. However, it’s WiFi only – meaning the data isn’t transferred over AT&T’s network, you need to be near an access point.

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