iPad Slingbox Player “Almost Here”

Dave Zatz —  November 10, 2010

The Slingbox folks sent out an email newsletter yesterday indicating that SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad is “about to launch” and “Almost Here!”

Like other Slingbox mobile clients, whenever it lands, it’ll run $30. And it sounds like they’re finally moving to H.264 for iPad streaming to provide higher resolutions and hopefully a more responsive client – versus their existing iPhone app. Speaking of that original app, it’s not being (immediately?) replaced. And if you own an older Slingbox (Classic, AV, Tuner, PRO), that’s the Apple software you’ll be stuck with. As the new iPad client requires a Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD… in what I presume to be both a technological and business decision. Regardless, I hope the existing iPhone client is eventually replaced so it too will experience more efficient and higher def video playback.

For Sling aficionados, this pre-announcement isn’t exactly a surprise… as the same details were dropped into their forums back on October 5th. Click to enlarge:

17 responses to iPad Slingbox Player “Almost Here”

  1. Kind of annoying that its ANOTHER $30. I bought the windows mobile client before I switched to iPhone client now ill probably have to buy this. Let’s make a universal iOS app eh?

  2. I’m kinda hoping the “iPad App” becomes THE universal app. Of course, I say that without having seen or tried it…

  3. No doubt just sucks to have as much in software to use the box as the box itself.

  4. It WOULD be really nice to have H.264 with a resolution matching that of the ipad. At a minimum for LAN streaming it would make the ipad really THE go to tool for moving around the house watching a show. Pop it on the treadmill, put it in the den. Set it anywhere, kids rooms, etc. No need for a tv.

    Although, now filmon.com is putting a dent in that need with their live streaming offering/s. At least for LIVE tv.

  5. tivoboy, I didn’t want to blog it because I don’t know… but I’m betting the resolution caps out at 640×480 – which is what the newly released Windows Phone 7 client uses, and probably sticks with WMV. Although they specifically mentioned “Silverlight” to me in the spring. But that’s probably just related to the container or playback sw.

  6. Great, now they are also including the PRO in the “not supported” devices. A SOLO for $160..? Jeez.

  7. Unfortunately it will not be a universal application. If you want the iPad version with its higher res its $30 more.

    If you don’t want to pay again the old version will still run.

    No word if this will support the DISH Network 922 or the upcoming DISH Sling Adapter either. :(

    I predict it will be released on the 18th.

  8. Thanks Sling for screwing those of us who bought the PRO. Thankfully Verizon is gonna over an iPad placestreaming app for free. Hopefully the Slingbox will fetch a decent price on ebay

  9. I’ll survive. I get a lot of use out of my Slingbox, which works whether the internet connection is crappy or great. Something that can’t be said for Hulu or Fancast or all those other streaming services. I’ll do the tradeup to the Solo to save the $50 and I’ll pay the $30 for the iPad version of the player if that’s required. That’s life in the big city. I assume this is still a pretty small niche and we need to support them to keep them around.

  10. If they’re using h.264 in the new version I wonder if that means I’ll be able to use AirPlay with the thing… Would give me a way to watch stuff in another room when I otherwise wouldn’t be able to, e.g. due to content restrictions (Showtime in my case, or every channel for Dave), or just due to compatibility issues (HD content on an SD set)…

    Not like its a great workaround, but still I’d love to be able to use AirPlay if its possible. Had been assuming it wouldn’t work.

  11. Is it me, or is this a great price on the singbox solo? Seems like its at least 150 or more everywhere else.

    $79 with free shipping from officemax.


  12. Yeah, pretty nice price from what I’ve seen elsewhere also!

    And it is true (Glenn).. with all other streaming apps… Sling is by far the best when it comes to “adjusting” to available bandwidth. By FAR.

  13. I am loving the slingbox app on my ipad at the gym. One thing I hope to see on the new app would be a 30 second skip button that pops right up rather than buried behind three clicks through menus. Those menu clicks take a few seconds each to reach my Tivo, so its’ a bit of a pain to skip through commercials currently.

  14. Oh, I would LOVE to see some form of adjustable buffer like on the webapp, or the pc client. (why have they pretty much abandoned the MAC CLIENT?

  15. @gear

    Hadn’t really thought about that aspect, mostly focused on the improved screen resolution I expect. But you’re right, I pretty much hate the U/I on the SlingPlayer on the iPhone. Certainly not something my wife can figure out. Hopefully with the added screen real estate they’ll make things easier. Honestly between the Tivo Button, the D-Pad and the “DVR” controls I probably don’t need most of the rest…

  16. I’ve been waiting for the iPad version for 6 months. Orb came out with theirs, Playon, Hauppauge, but no sling iPad App. BS! Guess who didn’t recommend it to anyone since May. Anyone who has it, or saw the iPhone version on the iPad, thought it was the worst video App out there. Great job Sling! They alienated their current customers and turned off future ones. They decided to not comment on future products so pretty much kept us in the dark until recently. No comment? I know Apple, and you sir are no Apple! They essentially skipped a whole update cycle. Hmm, somehow all the other companies put one out. Probably the best selling new product to come out since the iPhone (ipad). The Slingbox is the best product with the dumbest people running it (your off the hook this year Microsoft). I swear to G, I could run a company. Seriously Sling, pull your head out, then someone needs to be fired. Seriously.