Deal of the Day: Refurb Kindle 2 @ $110 (!)

I was pretty stoked when I picked up my refurbished Kindle 2 a couple weeks back for $140. But $110 for Amazon’s eReader is an even sweeter deal. So if you were sitting on the fence, now’s most definitely the time to get in. Unless you’re awaiting that rumored Kindle 3 refresh set for August. But, based on the minor DX update, I’m not sure a massive platform renewal (color, touchscreen) is in the cards just yet. (via Slickdeals)

8 thoughts on “Deal of the Day: Refurb Kindle 2 @ $110 (!)”

  1. Heh, your post just beat my reply in your refurb K2 unboxing thread. Smokin deal!! Kind of kills the Kobo’s market big time. Plus trying to sign up and “pay” for the 5 free ebook deal Borders is having has been a struggle and makes me doubt Borders/Kobo’s infrastructure.

  2. ….And by Labor Day the refurbs will be $79.00, and the new ones will go at $99.00. The COLOR Kindle will bow at $149.00. Amazon will give the hardware away. It makes money on the e-books, and consumer information harvested from the device….BUY AN iPad!!!!

  3. Did anyone think that you could get 2 Original Kindles for $109?

    “Deal of the Day: Refurb Kindle 2 @ $110 (!)”

    LOL I guess old age got the best of me but I was ready to rock on that deal!!!

  4. I’ll just keep waiting. To me this is the razor and the books are the blades. The eBooks need to be $99. They’ll make their money back in the book purchases. Course Amazon has to give up their current $9.99 book pricing to make any money on the books, but hey…

    There are too many eReaders in the market right now, and with the competition from the iPad at the top end, the prices on these things are only going to come down…

  5. I agree prices will creep down as the hardware and features improve. Having said that, I don’t think it’ll be as aggressive as Mark predicts and I’ll take his bet. ;)

    PS Looks like the refurbs are now sold out.

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