Amazon Begins Kindle Hardware Refresh

It’s not quite the Kindle 3 many are hoping for (if our incoming searches are any indication), but Amazon is now accepting orders for a refreshed Kindle DX (the one with the nearly 10″ screen). Thus far, the only obvious changes are the new graphite hue and announced E-ink screen contrast improvements. Beyond hardware, the DX sees a price drop to $379 (from $489) and will begin shipping July 7th.

Perhaps related, Woot (acquired by Amazon) is offering a non-refurb Kindle 2 at $150 today. Which could signify they’re clearing inventory ahead of refreshed 6″ model. Regarding, my new (used) Kindle, I ordered this protective sleeve ($25) – scheduled to arrive today.

4 thoughts on “Amazon Begins Kindle Hardware Refresh”

  1. Sadly I missed out on the Woot deal. Was looking at both refurbs and noticed the $170 version has this note “This item does not ship with the AC adaptor plug.” Did your Sprint one include the adaptor plug? Really annoyed I missed out on the Woot deal… Surely Amazon wouldn’t introduce a new 6″ model so soon after a price drop, right? Hmm…

  2. I expected Amazon to lower the price a lot more than this. But, I guess they can now justify NOT lowering the price much by pointing to the new screen technology. 50% better contrast sounds cool, but hard to tell until we actually see it. I didn’t think the current Vizplex screens were bad at all, so I expect to be totally satisfied by this new screen as well.

    Am still hoping they lower the price of this baby by the time Kindle 3 arrives. Thanks again for bringing the news. You can see more of my comments on this news on my new post:

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