Google Headed to DISH Set Tops


Seems the blogosphere got itself into a bit of a lather upon learning DISH and Google were collaborating on set-top box functionality, including search and YouTube video. But anyone who follows DISH/EchoStar shouldn’t be entirely surprised… Just check out the picture I shot of DISH’s app store (above) at CES 2009 on their yet-to-be-released VIP 922 DVR. Featuring a Google tile. It’s unclear if the recent “news” represents merely the piloting of an enhanced Google app, or a more significant Android-based set-top experience (as many have concluded). Regardless, the broadcast and broadband lines are quickly blurring. And DISH surely needs to do something dramatic to recoup the hundreds of millings they’ll soon (?) be depositing at the First National Bank of TiVo.

5 thoughts on “Google Headed to DISH Set Tops”

  1. Yeah, not clear why this is creating such a lather everywhere. People seem to think it’ll automatically mean Google Marketplace apps or Hulu access from their Dish STB, which of course it doesn’t. Would be great if it did of course, but that seems unlikely.

    Off topic, did you notice that Comcast has now dropped a new version of their iPhone app and that it has remote DVR scheduling? Including a nice GUI with a program guide and everything? Is this really Comcast showing Tivo the way forward? If so that’s really sad…

  2. I did see that. No idea how dinosaur’s like Comcast are starting to lap TiVo. It’s kinda sad. Oh well, we can savor the fact that it’s not nationwide at this time? ;) Sure hope TiVo figures out how to use this cash to once again lead in this space. As Toeman says, “It’s time for the company to act like a startup again, and show real innovation like they once did.” Instead of resting on their laurels or merely plodding along.

  3. All I know is I can’t wait for the 922 to come out. I’m wondering if they’ll support third part apps like Playon. On a side note, and I don’t know if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but I wonder if the 922 has taken so long to be released because of the Tivo lawsuit. Boo@Tivo!

  4. I’ve had the 922 with Dish and the TV anywhere funtion is pretty cool. I prefer the AT&T U-verse DVR though which records on multiple TVs (instead of one TV and one wireless device like the 922)and has integrated internet functions. Comcast came out with an “Any-Room” DVR which has the same functions.

  5. Yeah, I’m just jumping into the DVR band wagon and I was amazed at the idea of recording in my living room. I have Dish, and it is so awesome to stop something and pick up right where I left off in my bedroom. They did try to sell me that sling adapter but I am satisfied with what I get from the service now, so far.

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