“SlingLoaded” DISH VIP 922 Details


When EchoStar acquired Sling Media, we all knew it was only a matter of time before DISH Network hardware acquired placeshifting capabilities. Details on just such a product, the 722s, began trickling out during the DISH Team Summit last May. And, while launch is still a few months away, EchoStar/DISH/Sling have brought some working prototypes to CES.

The SlingLoaded DuoDVR 922 boasts increased storage (1TB) over it’s predecessor, an entirely new UI and remote control, plus that integrated Slingbox technology… which, of course, allows one to remotely watch their live or record television content on computer or mobile phone. Unlike a standalone Slingbox, there’s really no SlingPlayer configuration to mess with or IR blaster needed. Additionally, the DVR appears to support Clip+Sling technology, the ability to select and share video clips online, though details weren’t provided. Having spent a few minutes with the new hardware this evening, I can say on the surface that the refreshed UI looks quite sexy. Although, I’m not sold on the remote touchpad as the primary means of control.

In conjunction with detailing the SlingLoaded DVR, a web-based “SlingGuide” has been announced. This web site will offer DISH DVR customers (622, 722, 922) program guide searches, including some very specific filters, remote DVR scheduling, and can be used to initiate remote (Sling) video playback. Unlike TiVo remote scheduling, the SlingGuide is more akin to Verizon FiOS TV by using a direct IP connection for instantaneous, interactive control. I’m also digging the more modern thumbnail, grid presentation. Additionally, many of the SlingGuide features will also be ported to the iPhone (for a fee). Browse your channel lineup and set up recordings. But why stop there? How about also using that iPhone as your DVR remote control. (Perhaps they saw my TiVo iPhone video.)


No details on timing, other than this spring, or pricing. But the Slingified DISH DVR experience is shaping up nicely.

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  1. I think is smart… Is not a Slingbox, is a DVR loaded with sling capability… And is not a product name, is more of a feature.

  2. Wow that’s a really nice Web 2.0 ish interface.

    Not sure how I feel about the touchpad remote. Who knows, it could be the next best thing. I guess we all have to give it a fair try. Who would of thought the mouse would of been so popular?

    I hear the software is Tru2Way, therefore an easy cable port is an option. Ben’s blog makes it sound like it will be a DVR available for cable. If so, where do I sign?!!!!! :)

  3. cypherstream, not what that tru2way announcement is referring to. CableLabs specs for retail tru2way DVR manufacturers have not been finalized or shared. Perhaps they mean the hardware is capable, or perhaps it’s running an OCAP precursor. Or perhaps they have a cable-co partner who will deploy it.

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  5. Sling Loaded, those “crap inline text ads” help fund my ~$1500 out-of-pocket trip to CES to cover topics such as these. However, I’m totally fine if you and others would like to block them (and the RSS feed remains ad-free). IntelliTXT has been in place like 3 years now, so I’m not sure about the “increasingly difficult” part.

  6. Sling Loaded,


    Really, what is sooooo difficult about the IntelliTXT. Don’t put your cursor over one of the icons and you won’t have a problem.

  7. here it is Feb 2010 and this thing still has not come out. It was announced at the end of 2008. Must be A LOT of problems with it. Dish web site has a whole page showing 922 with tons of accessories along with a red dot next to each product that says ” Coming Soon! “.
    When you call Dish to get a rough idea they say it could arrive in 1 month or 9 months (?!). Something is not right – period. What do you think ?

  8. Dish has DVR down, so the delay must be bringing Sling to Dish’s version of Linux and CODEC hardware, no easy feat.

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