DISH Network next up with an App Store


Looks like DISH Network is next in line with an app store offering, following in the footsteps of rival DirecTV. EchoStar’s repeatedly delayed Slingbox-loaded 922s DVR, now slated for delivery “early next year,” will provide access to a variety of home grown and third party apps. The SDK and API has already been made available to developers, although DISH hasn’t yet committed to a store launch date. And, as you’d expect, they’ll act as gatekeepers according to Light Reading:

“We’re the ones to make sure the apps past muster, that they don’t use too much of the resources in the box, for example,” says Jeffrey Hale, an EchoStar national account manager.

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4 thoughts on “DISH Network next up with an App Store”

  1. I hope the rumors of a new Tivo and interface are true, otherwise they will be left in the dust! More and more companies are figuring out the whole “app store” idea. I’m waiting patiently for the Roku update to see what that brings.

  2. Adam, the Roku update is right around the corner. I’ve been pre-briefed and the framework looks good, although some of the new partners aren’t super compelling. But the box will be ready when the content providers are.

    Haven’t heard anything on a TiVo refresh, unfortunately. They move at such a slow pace. :/ Guess that’s OK for them when they’re clearly more successful in bringing money via lawsuits and licensing than they do in actual box sales and subs.

  3. Good to hear about the Roku update. Watched the NewTeeVee interview which said it would be out within the next couple of weeks. I’m more interested in Roku striking deals a la MLB with Football and other sports. Then I can really cut that cable and not worry about missing those sorts of things. :-)

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