Roku Now Streaming Pandora, Facebook, Flickr

Roku makes good on the promise of multiple new content providers in 2009 via their App Store Channel Store, launching tomorrow. Once owners receive the free software update and link a web account, Roku’s existing Netflix, Amazon VOD, and MLB.TV video services will be joined by a variety new streaming widgets, including Facebook photos, Pandora, Flickr, FrameChannel, Mediafly podcast directory, Revision3, and more. Not too shabby for a $100 box! Check out my brief walk-through of the new providers and interface above.

While the infrastructure is now in place for all sorts of new content, I can’t help but wonder what happened to YouTube on Roku? And suspect its absence has something to do with Google shutting down their formerly open API, as they’ve instructed Popcorn Hour to cease YouTube video access and streaming.

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  1. Please be gentle with the video commentary. I filmed it in one take before heading out of town to help handle a medical emergency. No idea what a meekrat is (or that I was dyslexic), but meercats are cute little desert creatures.

  2. Those latest YouTube moves are scary and are likely to have a chilling effect on innovation in this space. I wrote this up on my blog I really think we, as users, need to call Google/YouTube on this because it sets a horrible precedent, and its a real step backwards for open, compatible internet video.

  3. The digital media/video player field is getting very interesting lately with this news from Roku, the announcement of the Boxee box, the new Popcorn Hour box, the new ability to stream content via blu-ray disc players and directly by some televisions. I don’t know who the eventual winner(s) will be or exactly which approach they will take; however, I imagine that whoever can provide a box/solution that lets consumers stream content, provide some type of storage ability, provide some type of DVR capability and perhaps pull on OTA signals will do pretty well.

  4. i have looked and looked to find apage to get pass word to get facebook on my tv using roku.whats up with that.my7 eysw are about to pop out trying to find a site to get a code nomber.can you help me please.

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