What’s next for Roku? (Beyond YouTube & Blip.TV)


As I discovered last month, it looks like YouTube is headed to the little $99 Roku media player. And it turns GOOG may not be the only new partner joining Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand. Via Hacking Netflix, US News & World Report writes:

Roku expects to add about 10 new “channels” by the holidays [… and] has quietly distributed a development kit to […] a few “close, big-name” partners.

If YouTube is 1, blip.tv has just identified themselves as number 2. That leaves 8 other services coming to Roku. Unfortunately, given recent anti-social behavior, I doubt Hulu will be one of them. Perhaps the more progressive CBS will bite with TV.com content.

Who else would you like to see?

13 thoughts on “What’s next for Roku? (Beyond YouTube & Blip.TV)”

  1. i would loooove to see an HBO channel with shows that i can purchase a la carte. but i doubt that’ll happen.

  2. Of course, I would love to see CBS and hulu.com.

    Beyond that, I’d like to see Disney on Demand. Particularly, we’d love to have access to the older cartoons.

    Then, I’d like to have some sort of replacement for cable news.

    Looking for anything that helps me replace the bondage of the cable company (Charter).

  3. Speaking of cartoons, I noticed Netflix streaming has a bunch. I don’t know if they’re older or not, but I did recognize Thomas the Tank which my nephew enjoys. Wondering if I should stick a Roku box in their house.

  4. I’d love to see ESPN360 on there. I’d think ESPN would like to circumvent their current ISP restrictions and offer it up to anyone with an Internet connection. Of course the could have agreements that stipulate otherwise …

  5. Yup, would expect CBS/TV.com to be on there, trying to differentiate themselves from Hulu. If they’re willing to have an iPhone application, I don’t see this being a problem.

    ABC.com would be another biggy. Lost etc. And HD on offer. The technology they use might make it problematic. Not sure.

    Comedy Central of Course. South Park is already on Netflix. But Colbert and Daily Show are still needed if Hulu isn’t going to be on the box.

    Then… Dunno. G4 for Attack of the Show? MTV for music videos (nah, you can get those on YouTube as long as you’re not in the UK)?

    A real long shot? How about a non-US channel like the BBC. Forget BBC America, with their cut down versions of Top Gear. I’m talking about the Real Thing. I’d buy a Roku for that…

  6. I would also like to see the ability to stream my local content, including .tivo files, .vobs, and practically anything that we’ve captured from video camera.

  7. I’d like to see local streaming as-well- media files off of network shares the Roku has access to. Mpegs, WMVs, etc. The player already seems to have the CODECS for this built-in, so it should be easy.

    I’d really like to see Hulu (for now), although they seem to be losing their luster.

  8. Hulu is not guilty of any anti social behaviour. Rather it is Boxee or whoever else tries to accomplish a non-authorized use of content who is behaving anarchistically and anti-socially. Would you walk into a cinema demanding to watch the latest movie extravaganza for free because the producers want you to watch the movie? Or do you have to pay for that activity? If Hulu is only allowed by their partners to show movies/tv episodes or whatever via PC presentation under their control, then that is all that their franchise allows. If their contracts with these content owners allows them to “present content by any means at any time” or some such words, then Boxee would still not be allowed permission by extension as it does not appear on the original legal agreement.
    Pah! Anarchists want their privileges without having to pay for anything!

  9. Nowhere did I suggest swiping or scraping content.

    Hulu has made the decision to not collaborate with hardware devices/companies at this point in time. Compared to say TV.com (CBS) on the iPhone or Southpark streaming via Netflix (Roku, Xbox, TiVo, Blu-ray players).

    Regarding paying for content, I am more than willing. In fact, I already pay for Netflix streaming. I paid for my Roku box. I pay for Xbox Live. Comcast takes a pound of flesh every month. And I’ve been happy to sit through Hulu commercials as another form of payment.

    For whatever various philosophical, economical, and licensing issues at play, Hulu hasn’t partnered yet. Well, that’s not entirely true – Fox and NBC are backers of ZillionTV.

  10. I’d like to see one or all of the major sports leagues provide a portal. They already offervideo and access to live games via the web; so why not allow folks who want to get their online content have the option of streaming through Roku. Of course blackout restrictions would apply for local games and national games. Fees would have to be paid for access; but I’d rather stream through Roku than have to update my os every few years or support cable.

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