Logitech Reveals New Squeezebox Hardware


ZNF regulars knew Logitech was working on new Squeezebox audio hardware. But now their marketing department has caught up with those sales leaks by announcing the Squeezebox Touch and Squeezebox Radio. The Squeezebox Touch ($300) is garnering most of the attention. But the Radio model ($200) with integrated speakers is more up my alley… and looks a heckuva lot better than the Squeezebox Boom. Both models feature 802.11g to stream music from a variety of sources, local and cloud-based – such as Pandora, Slacker, and Rhapsody.

But the buying season is still young… and I expect a large number of vendors to announce products over the next 8 weeks leading into holiday sales. While Mari’s a huge Squeezebox fan, I’m still holding out for a Sonos boombox-esque solution to incorporate into more of a whole home solution. (Although I see no need to spam my Twitter followers with now playing updates.)

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6 thoughts on “Logitech Reveals New Squeezebox Hardware”

  1. I still don’t understand why Sonos didn’t put an audio out jack on the CR200. I love them and all, but the prod dev cycle / innovation cycle over there needs a serious kick in the ass. Twitter integration? Why.

  2. Hey Dave, a bit off topic, but why does the ad at the top of your site know what I last searched for on Google? I’m assuming tracker cookies right?

  3. Alex, I’m not sure. It’s a Chitika ad unit I just started testing a week ago. It only shows up to people who enter from Google and I think it’s retained for a bit. If you come back directly later, it should be gone with no ad unit displayed in that location at all.

  4. It looks like the Squeezebox Touch will replace the Classic with it’s vacuum fluorescent display. This I will miss when I’m trying to see what my Pandora station is playing for me from across the room.
    The touch will also display photos as a screen saver while the unit is idle.

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