New Logitech Squeezeboxes On The Way

logitech-squeezebox-touch-1It’s been quite some time since the Squeezebox Duet and Squeezebox Boom Internet audio streamers hit the shelves in 2008. And word on the street indicates Logitech will be refreshing their lineup in short order. Pictured to the left is the forthcoming “Squeezebox Touch”, and we also hear Boombox and Duet updates are on the docket. Unfortunately, I’ve got no official timing or (US) pricing info for you.

Somewhat related, competing product Sonos has a new controller in the FCC pipeline. Although I’m still holding out for their boom box-esque solution. To use with an iPhone.

(Thanks for the tip, Bob!)

2 thoughts on “New Logitech Squeezeboxes On The Way”

  1. Hi

    You could already control the Squeezebox Boom ( and all their other players with the iphone. You can do it via a skin for the SqueezeCentre web interface or via a dedicated little app sold separately.

    Check out this:

    My one SqueezeBox just died after 6 years of dutyful service. I dropped it hard a couple of years ago and it had been sensitive to bumps since. Today it is just blank. But it is still talking to the server. Will try and resuscitate it and/or get one of these new ones :)


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