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TiVo gets a mixed review when it comes to online community outreach (aka “Social Media” – whatever that means). They pioneered customer engagement on a company-focused forum. Yet, TiVo has stumbled in the blogosphere…. from joining the conversation late (and still currently suffering from trust issues) to their own craptastic blog initiative. Fortunately, they’re leading the way again when it comes to Twitter (and FriendFeed) and I’ve compiled a list of TiVo folks worth following.

TWTRCON, Jerad Hill Photographer

TiVo’s primary Twitter account is helmed by Shanan Carney, “the voice of TiVo,” who owners have probably encountered in various TiVo videos and lurking on the TCF. I’m not sure how many of the others listed below are officially sanctioned spokespeople. And maybe company independence a good thing. Unlike many Twitter monologue spammers marketers, these appear to be real people with real personalities that just so happen to love (?) and work for TiVo.

Keep in mind this isn’t a comprehensive roundup of all TiVo employees who’ve infiltrated Twitter. In fact, I’ve excised multiple individuals that I follow who don’t explicitly mention TiVo within their profiles. However, do what you must in the comments.

Shanan Carney
THE TiVo Diva

Bob Poniatowski
Director, Product Marketing

Stephen Mack
Director, TiVoCast Operations

Margret Schmidt
Vice President, User Experience

Amir Gharaat
Director, Product Management

William Uranga
Talent Acquisition

Kimberly  McKinnis
System Operations Engineer

Andrew Pray
TiVo PR, Ruder Finn

Robbee Minicola
CEO Hybrid TV (TiVo Australia)

A few TiVo-related Twitter personalities to check out:


While the “FakeIndividual” meme is probably beat, CEO Tom Rogers’s absence from Twitter (as far as we know) has motivated Davis Freeberg and I to reserve the FakeTomRogers. Stay tuned. Maybe.

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  1. You should know that unlike Shanan and Pony, I’m not officially sanctioned to blog about TiVo stuff. I only link press releases etc, because I’m proud of what we do. But thanks for the mention!

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