Offical TiVo Blog Goes Dark

Thomas Hawk reports the offical TiVo blog is offline. He’s also reporting that the blog sucks… though that may be subjective. Alex Raiano, of the unofficial TiVo Blog, raises questions as well. My expectations for TiVo’s blog weren’t very high, so I’m neither surprised nor disappointed. I always felt the blog was intended as another venue for light-weight fluff… confirmed by comment filtering and 1/3 of all sentences ending with an exclamation point.

Given how the blog is being (un)used, it’s probably better to kill it rather than continue to receive this public thrashing. Perhaps TiVo will get another author involved once the winner of the TiVo Ambassador contest is announced.

TiVo Blog says: The weblog that you’re attempting to reach is currently unavailable. TypePad recently retired one of its IP addresses. Unfortunately, this weblog has hard-coded its domain name to map to this retired address.

2 thoughts on “Offical TiVo Blog Goes Dark”

  1. TiVo’s blog was restored about 30 minutes ago… and it includes their first post in two weeks. Interestingly, the entry was signed by The TiVo Team instead of ‘Nova.

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