TiVo Launches YouTube Channel with Badoop Badoop Show

TiVo’s gone ahead and launched their very own YouTube channel. And first up is the all new Badoop Badoop Show – premiering a week from Friday. Hosted by the “TiVo Diva,” TBBS is:

your weekly guide what’s hot in the world of TV, movies, music and more. Stay “in-the-know” with host Shanan and her guests, as they exchange tips, tricks, and recommendations on how to navigate the world of entertainment, straight from her San Francisco sofa. Warning: This is not your average entertainment news show. Prepare for random bits of pop trivia and kitschy cool info from unexpected angles.

While this isn’t TiVo’s first foray into regular programming, their original show (2000) was before my time – my DVR adventures began with ReplayTV. Unlike TiVo Takes (Daphne Brogdon) which was limited to customers, by reaching out beyond the box and posting Badoop on YouTube (with additional outlets in the works), this is more than just entertainment – it’s stealth advertising. Which is fine by me.

5 thoughts on “TiVo Launches YouTube Channel with Badoop Badoop Show”

  1. Wow – I never knew about TiVo takes. According to the article at one time it was $1,000 for a single tuner 30 hour TiVo. I bought mine early, but I’m pretty sure that I spent $400 for the unit, so I wasn’t one of the first. It’s pretty amazing how technology keeps getting better and cheaper

  2. John, I emailed with TiVo this AM. Sounds like it’s just a business dealio at this point. I assume they’ll do something similar to the Java scheduling app that’s been available on Verizon. I also assume ultimately, maybe they build TiVoToGo into Blackberry’s PC Media Manager. No new functionality really, but potentially a good marketing relationship and perhaps easier for for customers to move video to a Blackberry. But that portion isn’t scheduled for 2008, so we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. Thanx Dave – that would be awesome – of course on the iPhone would be cool too.. OR maybe have Sling for my BB :-)

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