TiVo to Serve Blockbuster VOD


In the second half of the year, Blockbuster OnDemand video downloads are set to join Amazon, CinemaNow, Netflix, and Jaman on broadband-connected TiVo units. While TiVo isn’t in need of another video download service, that largely duplicates Amazon Unbox/VOD content, this relationship looks mutually beneficial. TiVo gains a new sales channel via thousands of Blockbuster (BBI) retail locations as Blockbuster lands a platform with an installed user based and recognizable name. (Sales of Blockbuster’s own video rental box have probably been abysmal.) I assume this more substantial engagement will work out better than than a previous marketing relationship.

6 thoughts on “TiVo to Serve Blockbuster VOD”

  1. My decade + long wish for TiVo is coming true.

    You say ‘Meh” on FriendFeed to this! I say, you go girl!

    What I want on my iMedia device is competition … the more iVoD vendors TiVo has on its system, the better the competition, the lower the prices and the better the service offerings become.

    Ultimately I’d like the TiVo to be, and in my discussions with TiVo over the years I’ve earged them to adopt a strategy that makes it, the single best source of all Internet-based video on demand offerings from every provider. That’s the future – NOT closed systems where the content comes from just one source.

    I’m stoked!


  2. So, could someone tell me why I would give a second thought to Vudu? Even if I didn’t already own a TiVo?

  3. Is this going to only be available on the Series 3 and HD like the other recent rollouts? It’d be nice for Tivo to drop a few crumbs for us series 2 holdouts.

  4. @ Mamul — I read that TiVo S2 will get the love too. Shouldn’t be a big deal since S2s has Amazon VOD store too.

  5. Ryan, it’s from those UI prototype videos that hit the web last fall.

    Dale, pricing is ultimately controlled by licensing and studios. Pitting Amazon against Blockbuster with the same content won’t drive prices down. And an occasional special (think 99 cent rental) doesn’t necessarily drive loyalty purchases if they all show up together in the same search. They’ll have to provide a better experience in other ways. (Blockbuster could bundle a few downloads with a Netflix-esque monthly DVD rental program, for example.) Which brings up an interesting question – who designs TiVo’s custom Java UIs? Is it Netflix/Blockbuster/Amazon or is it TiVo? (Or a collaboration.) If it’s the services themselves, they should be able to enrich it in various ways. Personally, I prefer watching Netflix on my little Roku box – it’s faster to operate and has had less content issues.

    Mamul, the press release did indicate Series2 units would also be able to access Blockbuster content.

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