Blockbuster Leaks TiVo Partnership

As I originally reported, TiVo and Blockbuster has had a partnership in the works. TiVo inadvertently revealed the deal first, and Blockbuster just returned the favor… They’ve prematurely published the TiVo Blockbuster promotion web page. Oops! Additionally, has launched their page and reactivated the Blockbuster bundle shopping cart links (here, here, and here).

This doesn’t appear to be anything more than a cross marketing arrangement. In fact, individuals can cancel the Blockbuster movie rental portion of the subscription and drop down to a TiVo-only $19.95/mo service. I expect we’ll see a formal press release in the next day or so.

For a limited time, sign up to receive a 1 (one) year TiVo Package Subscription (including an 80 hour TiVo Series2 DVR) and a 1 (one) year subscription to BLOCKBUSTER Online, with up to 3 movies out at a time. Offer valid for new BLOCKBUSTER Online customers only; limit one offer per household. You must have internet access and provide a valid e-mail address and a valid credit card, check card, or checking account to participate in the TiVo-BLOCKBUSTER Combined Subscription. A minimum 1-year TiVo-BLOCKBUSTER Combined Subscription commitment is required. If during the 12 month term of your TiVo-BLOCKBUSTER Combined Subscription, you cancel your BLOCKBUSTER Online subscription portion of the TiVo-BLOCKBUSTER Combined Sbuscription, you will automatically revert to the $19.95 per month one-year TiVo Package Subscription. If you cancel your BLOCKBUSTER Online membership, BLOCKBUSTER Online rentals must be returned no later than ten (10) days past your cancellation date to avoid additional charges. Membership in the BLOCKBUSTER Online subscription service is subject to the Terms of the BLOCKBUSTER Online service.

While you are a subscriber, you will receive four free rental coupons each month delivered to your email address. Each coupon is good for a free movie rental at any participating BLOCKBUSTER store location in the U.S. These coupons are only valid in-store and are not redeemable online. Separate in-store membership required. In-store membership rules apply to in-store rentals.

4 thoughts on “Blockbuster Leaks TiVo Partnership”

  1. Makes you wonder if there is more to the fact that nothing ever became of the TiVo/Netflix deal besides the rumor that they couldn’t get the studios to play along.

    You would think that even if they couldn’t move doreward with the Netflix over broadband deal that they would still choose to partner with Netflix over Blockbuster.

  2. TiVo has published slightly different terms than Blockbuster in which you cannot cancel the movie rental portion without a pentalty:

    “As part of this combined TiVo-BLOCKBUSTER Subscription, eligible customers will receive an 80-hour TiVo Series2 DVR at no additional cost (the ?TiVo DVR?). Included with your TiVo DVR, you will receive a special BLOCKBUSTER Online certificate with an unique promotional code and instructions for how to activate your BLOCKBUSTER Online movie rental subscription included as part of your TiVo-BLOCKBUSTER Combined Subscription. Your TiVo-BLOCKBUSTER Combined Subscription is only for 12 months. At the end of your 12 month TiVo-BLOCKBUSTER Combined Subscription, if you elect to continue service with either, or both, TiVo and BLOCKBUSTER Online, you will need to separately re-enroll with each company?s service. IF YOU FAIL TO MAINTAIN YOUR TIVO-BLOCKBUSTER COMBINED SUBSCRIPTION COMMITMENT, YOU MAY BE CHARGED AN EARLY TERMINATION FEE OF THE LESSER OF $200 OR THE AMOUNT OF YOUR REMAINING SUBSCRIPTION COMMITMENT FOR EACH TIVO-BLOCKBUSTER COMBINED SUBSCRIPTION TERMINATED PRIOR TO ONE YEAR.”

  3. Wait… this is the best deal that Blockbuster could come up with?? Another $29.95 extra a month to TIVO, for a year?

    I’ll like the take this opportunity to laugh in the face of the stupid blockbuster ad-executive, (posing as a REAL BLOGGER),who gave me so much sh_t when I told him just how stupid this idea was. And still is… And I will state once again that Netflix is a better on EVERY LEVEL. Without having to sign a contract or sign over your first child.

  4. What’s with the caps lock stuck on problem with BLOCKBUSTER?
    What about people who aren’t paying per month for a new subscription?
    What’s the point?

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