Amazon VOD in HD on TiVo – Coming Soon?


After reading my post wondering where Amazon VOD in HD is, multiple sources have confirmed for me that TiVo’s implementation is currently in testing. While I still don’t have concrete timing details, and suspect we’re waiting on at this point, I’m told video quality is outstanding. Additionally, the progressive downloads include surround sound. And if we’re blessed with solid connectivity, both in and outside of the home, we may be able to pull down these titles in less than real time. I get the sense Amazon’s offering a decent amount of HD television programming, but the movie library is still a bit limited – although, it does feature the sort of new releases unavailable to Netflix’s streaming solution. Hopefully this will land sooner rather than later. On my Roku box, too.


Thanks for the great news, moles!

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  1. As a developer working in this space for some time now I can say this is no small feat. The work I am involved with has a similar scope but a different target the Amazon consumer offering would not really serve….FYI we are using a number of new technologies from a company in Redmond.. (grin)… is small subset but is illustrative of the core elements.

    Thanks for the resource.

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